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Tamanoumi pics overview

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On the 11th 50 years ago, active yokozuna Tamanoumi died. Many articles commemorated it, Nikkan had a whole series (Nikkan now has joined the papers for which you need to register to read the articles - so far most of them for free, but usually those will become rare)



with Taiho

202110040000678-w200_1.jpgo202109160001363-w200_0.jpgo202109150001319-w200_0.jpgo 202109160001365-w200_0.jpgo

with Kitanofuji

202109160001366-w200_0.jpgo 202110220000689-w200_0.jpgo

last photo alive, in hospital with appendicitis - he had it at a jungyo but refused surgery at first


the first Tamanoumi lays the tachi on the dead body of the yokozuna, brought back to the heya, Futagoyama.oyakata on the right


the present



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With Kitanofuji

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6 hours ago, Naganoyama said:

With Kitanofuji

I saw that too but figured since when the NHK announcers talk to/about him it sounds like they're saying Kitanoumi anyway.  I guess they're interchangeable.

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