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Country Roads

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I lived in Chicago (on the very near North side) from 1980-1982.  Walking distance from both my apartments was a punk rock club housed in the gangster O'Banion's flower shop.
They served champagne on Tuesday nights and played all the punk hits of that era.
In 1981, Anwar Sadat was assassinated on Oct. 6th and Moshe Dayan died of a heart attack ten days later.
Obanion's had a concert on the Oct. 29th with this hand bill.  The fact that I saved it indicates my questionable taste.


I have for many years now, played with an Irish folk group, Clan Cross (three brothers).  We started in the early 1970's around the Cleveland, OH area.  By the '90's, My youngest brother had moved South and we had various musicians join our music making.  In the 1990's, we played once a month or so at the Euclid Tavern (across the street from the Cleveland Food Co-op where my brother Michael was the chef and I handled the Japanese food section).
As I have an interest in Japanese art and culture, many of the posters for our happy hour performances had Japanese themes.  (A link to a page of poster thumbnails.) 2.htm 

And sumo was not neglected.
Oct. 12 is the memorial of John Denver who left on a final jet plane in 1997.  The Clan Cross poster for Oct. 24 of that year featured a yokozuna dohyo-iri with a Chief Wahoo yokozuna, a bat bearer and a dew sweeper ...


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