Latest round of urakata promotions

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As usual after the Aki basho, the rijikai decides on promotions among the urakata. This year it's the gyoji who miss out, while eight yobidashi and three tokoyama are promoted. They take effect on December 24th, release day for the 2022 Hatsu banzuke.


Goro - to Sanyaku

Mitsuaki - to Makuuchi

Soichi - to Juryo

Shin - to Makushita

Tsurutaro - to Sandanme
Hiromasa - to Sandanme

Yuji - to Jonidan
Hiroshi - to Jonidan


Tokotsuka - to Itto (1st class)

Tokoaki - to Santo (3rd class)
Tokoriki to Santo

I'm rather disappointed and surprised they didn't promote Tokohira to tokuto (special class) as he's already 63, but I guess he'll just have to wait for next year.

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