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Aki 21 day 7 Pics raw overview

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The NSK Twitter format has changed somehow, I can't get the pics at the moment. Day 7 is a small set.

Y1w Terunofuji (7-0) yorikiri M3w Kotonowaka (2-5)
20210918at62S_t.jpgo 7a38a1af7089d4dd674a6c36a72e0c5e-450x450.jpgo ee24698bcd9ab98eaa701f72d9c83697-450x300.jpgo 20210918-OHT1I51177-N.jpgo b_14689302.jpgo b_14689301.jpgo 20210918-OHT1I51245-N.jpgo b_14689300.jpgo 20210918_191024622u_m.jpgo b_14689526.jpgo

O1e Shodai (5-2) yorikiri M4e Tamawashi (3-4)
20210918-OHT1I51243-N.jpgo 20210918-OHT1I51244-N.jpgo

O1w Takakeisho (3-4) oshitaoshi M3e Wakatakakage (3-4)
202109190000093-w200_1.jpgo 20210918at68S_t.jpgo 857119b5b0d77e69af4295aa118c8a8d-450x363.jpgo b_14689307.jpgo b_14689232.jpgo b_14689231.jpgo
--- Takakeisho ---

K1w Ichinojo (3-4) yorikiri S1e Mitakeumi (5-2)
CNTS2021091800891_S.jpgo 20210918-OYT1I50081-1.jpg?type=mediumo 1010019930_20210918195054_s.jpgo

K1e Takayasu (3-4) oshitaoshi M1w Takanosho (3-4)

M4w Daieisho (5-2) hikiotoshi M2w Kiribayama (5-2)

M8e Okinoumi (5-2) oshitaoshi M6e Ura (3-4)
202109190000089-w200_1.jpgo 202109190000089-w200_0.jpgo 20210918at65S_t.jpgo

M10w Myogiryu (6-1) yorikiri M7e Shimanoumi (3-4)
4.jpgo 20210918at69S_t.jpgo b_14690409.jpgo

M11e Endo (5-2) yorikiri M17e Chiyonokuni (5-2)

M15e Ichiyamamoto (2-5) oshidashi M13w Tsurugisho (3-4)

J6e Oho (3-4) oshitaoshi J8w Kotoshoho (5-2)
b_14688910.jpgo b_14688909.jpgo

Ms1e Terasawa (3-1) yorikiri J14w Daishoho (5-2)
202109180000391-w200_1.jpgo 202109180000391-w200_2.jpgo 202109180000391-w200_0.jpgo b_14688947.jpgo b_14688927.jpgo
--- Rest ---
20210918-OYT1I50140-T.jpg?type=mediumo 2060008810_20210917190233_s.jpgo

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