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Health check pics for Aki 21

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There have been the usual checks lately, the NSK had posted a few pics on Twitter. Boring with that masks, they stopped to post after 2 days.

Aoiyama height check

E-WV_vsVUAIa2lQ.jpg:thumbo E-WV_vuVgAYcqCT.jpg:thumbo

weight check Chiyomaru


blood pressure check: Tsurugisho and Tobizaru


and the dreaded blood drawing, but with masks the funny faces are useless

composed and calm: Terunofuji, Daieisho, Terutsuyoshi

E-WQGX8UcAQ4esK.jpg:thumbo E-WP3D1UUAgep5I.jpg:thumboE-WbI9dVIAo81Zs.jpg:thumbo

trying to be a bit funny; Mitakeumi


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The NSK had posted the first time several days before those two times above

height check: Chiyotairyu


blood pressure: Ichiyamamoto


blood drawing: Ura, watched by Tokushoryu; the only one in pain: Shodai

E9D1X24VkAUmpJr.jpg:thumbo E9D1V39VEAQuJ87.jpg:thumbo

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