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JWS Aki 2021

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Day 15 results:

Nishikifuji - loss (Achiyama)
Midorifuji - win (Akogyokuseki)
Kaisho - win (Athenayama)
Abi - win (Flohru, WAKATAKE, Benihana, Fujisan, Gaijingai, ScreechingOwl)
Daishomaru - win (Tameiki)
Azumaryu - loss (chishafuwaku)
Wakamotoharu - win (Gansekiiwa)

Big scoring day for field today, and we have some major streaks that will carry into the November/Kyushu basho! For starters, @Athenayama is on a 14 match win streak and tied for 1st place on the all time list with chishafuwaku! His day one pick for Kyushu 2021 is going to be VERY crucial to see if he makes it to 15. @Flohru and @Benihana are currently on 12 match win streaks and in a 7 way tie for 6th place on the all time list. Can they hope to shake things up next basho too? It got pretty exciting but Abi will have earned promotion to the top division, so we'll have to see how everyone makes their picks without a perennial winner. 

Yusho - Athenayama (14)
Jun-Yusho - Flohru, Benihana (12)

Active Streaks into Kyushu 2021:

14 - Athenayama
12 - Flohru, Benihana
7 - ScreechingOwl
4 - Tameiki, Gaijingai, Gansekiiwa
2 - Akogyokuseki, WAKATAKE
1 - Fujisan

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Kekka and banzuke:

12 players competed in JWS for Aki 2021. This is two more than the 10 players we saw for Nagoya 2021. No players declared kosho, and three players were kyujo/MIA. The total combined scores from everybody's streaks came out to 86. The KK line is determined by dividing the total combined scores by the number of players, which 86/12 came out to 7.16. This is rounded up to the nearest whole number, which in this case is 8, players that achieved an 8 win streak during this basho will have an 8-7 kekka score. Kekka scores are as below:

14 --> 14-1: Athenayama
12 --> 12-3: Flohru, Benihana
7 --> 7-8: Tameiki, chishafuwaku, ScreechingOwl, Gansekiiwa
6 --> 6-9: Akogyokuseki
4 --> 4-11: Achiyama, Gaijingai
3 --> 3-12: WAKATAKE, Fujisan

Kekka as shown on the Nagoya 2021 banzuke:

Aki 2021 Results
East Rank West
Tameiki (7-8) O  
Akogyokuseki (6-9) S wolfgangho (0-0-15)
Tenshinhan (0-0-15) K Benihana (12-3, J)
Achiyama (4-11) K  
Athenayama (14-1, Y) M1 Fujisan (3-12)
Gaijingai (4-11) M2 WAKATAKE (3-12)
Flohru (12-3, J) M3 ScreechingOwl (7-8)
chishafuwaku (7-8) M4 Gansekiiwa (7-8)
Houmanumi (0-0-15) M5  


New Kyushu 2021 banzuke:

Kyushu 2021 Banzuke
East Rank West
Tameiki (7-8, O1E) O  
Benihana (12-3, J, K1W) S Athenayama (14-1, Y, M1E)
Flohru (12-3, J, M3E) K Akogyokuseki (6-9, S1E)
ScreechingOwl (7-8, M3W) M1 chishafuwaku (7-8, M4E)
Gansekiiwa (7-8, M4W) M2 Achiyama (4-11, K2E)
wolfgangho (0-0-15, S1W) M3 Tenshinhan (0-0-15, K1E)
Gaijingai (4-11, M2E) M4 Fujisan (3-12, M1W)
WAKATAKE (3-12, M2W) M5  


Newly promoted ozeki @Tameiki unfortunately could not get a KK in his debut basho, so he will be kadoban for Kyushu. We hope that he can score well then. @Benihana is declared to be on an ozeki run after two good basho scores, that include a jun-yusho. A double digit score or jun-yusho will get him promotion to the rank! @Tenshinhan and @wolfgangho were MIA, we hope to see them in Kyushu. @Godango/Houmanumi has been kyujo for three consecutive basho, so he is now banzuke-gai. We hope to see him again in the future for playing.

I also invite any players, old and new to play for Kyushu 2021!

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