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Hi everyone! I know I'm not much of a regular or visitor to the forum but I wanted to make this post to see what this community thought about having a closer affiliation with our Discord server. I love that this forum community is still active and offers a centralized location for all things Sumo for English speakers. That's one of my most ardent goals with the Grand Sumo Discord. I've endeavored to have it be a one-stop shop to explore the greater sumo community. We have a community channel that acts as a central listing to various other communities around the net as well really amazing fan-made games such as Road to Yokozuna.

For that reason I'm really interested in seeing what everyone thinks here. I am mainly hoping to simply be a linked resource here available for those interested in a chatroom experience. Though I'm open to any other ideas for collaboration. Thank you!


Oh and if you're curious, this is the invite link to Grand Sumo Discord. I am hoping soon to be accepted for Discord Partnership so we can attain a vanity link. Thanks again!

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