New recruits for Aki 2021

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NSK data:
Delgerbayar デルゲルバヤル Delgerbayar Purevsuren Naruto 187 150 09 - April - 1997 Mongolia
Ersin イェルシン Ersin Baltagul Kise 191 165 24 - June - 1997 Kazakhstan
Masutani 桝谷 Masutani Yuki Yamahibiki 170 75 22 - June - 2003 Hyogo
Nakanishi 中西 Nakanishi Tomoyoshi Futagoyama 176 94 12 - December - 2005 Mie
Urasaki 浦崎 Urasaki Yotaro Tatsunami 174 70 02 - December - 2005 Mie


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2020 match between Delgerbayar and Ersin, in the semifinals of that year's national student championship.

Ersin entered the tournament as the favourite to win the yusho, having been unbeaten for the whole year (admittedly a short year due to COVID) and taking 2nd in amasumo's biggest tournament the year before.


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As has already been noted elsewhere Delgerbayar has a resemblance to  Asashoryu in this video.

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4 hours ago, Taliesin said:

First link seems to lead to makunouchi bouts video.

Indeed, Day 3 is missing, that link was wishful thinking

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Three sessions of three bouts each, three shindeshi and three returnees. Results and standings Results and standings Results and standings:

Session 1, Day 3:

O Chiyoshishi	Fukuminato X
X Masutani	Tsuyasato O
X Nakanishi	Urasaki O

Session 2, Day 4:

O Chiyoshishi	Tsuyasato X
O Masutani	Nakanishi X
X Urasaki	Tsuyasato O

Session 3, Day 5:

O Chiyoshishi	Tsuyasato X
X Masutani	Urasaki O
X Nakanishi	Tsuyasato O


> Chiyoshishi	Kokonoe		3-0
> Tsuyasato	Minato		3-2
Urasaki		Tatsunami	2-1
Masutani	Yamahibiki	1-2
Nakanishi	Futagoyama	0-3
> Fukuminato	Minato		0-1-2


Chiyoshishi was the best performer here with three easy wins against the returning Minato-beya pair. Tsuyasato looked solid enough and also reached three wins, all against the three newcomers. Fukuminato however offered little resistance in the opening bout and didn't appear again, hopefully he'll be closer to 100% fit in November.

Urasaki has good core and leg strength due to his surfing background, no sumo experience but he didn't look bad at all. In any case, two wins are two more than his older brothers could muster in maezumo. Not too much to say about the other two newcomers at this point.

Shussehiro today, from left Urasaki, Masutani, Nakanishi.


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