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Shiba Shinichi: 1939-2021

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The great Chiba dead at 82.

I understand Western media having to reference the likes of "Kill Bill" in any Chiba obituary but man, he didn't need any charity from Tarantino to bolster what was already a hall-of-fame list of credits. 

Like many kids in Hawaii I was introduced to Chiba as a star of TV detective shows like THE BODYGUARD and GORILLA 7, followed by a slew of jidai-geki: YAGYU CONSPIRACY and KAGE NO GUNDAN amongst others. I still envision Chiba doing battle with a katana more than his fists. (I didn't see any of the STREET FIGHTER movies until only a decade-plus ago.)

I wonder who the more-famous COVID death in Japan is: Chiba or Shimura Ken? I assume Shimura had higher visibility for a longer period of time but Chiba was known overseas, if only for that niche.

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That makes me really sad. I was a big fan of him already in Germany in the mid 80s. At first I liked him best in the film's with Hiroyuki Sanada, he was the sempai. My all time favourite of the two is Satomi Hakken den, I could watch that every week. 


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