I could be intentionally rude back to you but I can do better. Bigger wrestlers have longer reaches, can have more weight behind them without their performance declining and can generate more force with their increased weights. All of these things are advantageous to sumo. Does it absolutely mean anyone who is over 190 can walk right in and get to Juryo? No, but the list below shows some evidence to my theory of taller wrestlers generally having higher chances of success in sumo. Since I can't figure out how to do a search for the tallest wrestlers ever on the sumodb to see how they did, I will have to go another route. http://xn--psso2y7wo.jp/rikishiPro/senreki/6431 - Here's a list of the tallest sumo wrestlers ever. I will only count the people with actual photos as sumo was different in the 1800's with some people just being gifted high spots and much data is missing on the older wrestlers. Of the 60 wrestlers listed, 22 had a photo. All 22 made it to Makushita and 17(soon to be 18) of the 22 made it to Juryo: Fudoiwa - Sekiwake
Kotooshu - Ozeki
Dewagatake - Sekiwake
Hokuseiho - Probably at the top of the 3rd division next basho and likely Juryo in September.
Kotowaka Chikao - Juryo
Futahaguro - Yokozuna
Baruto - Ozeki
Yoshiazuma - Makuuchi
Daihisho - Makuuchi
Oazuma - 3rd division
Takanonami - Ozeki
Kaishoryu - 3rd division, Ms6w was his highest rank
Ikioi - Sekiwake
Tochinowaka - Makuuchi
Okano - 3rd division
Gokenzan - Juryo
Hokutoo - 3rd division - Still active, but yes, probably not making it any further
Chiyonowaka - Juryo
Mitoizumi  - Sekiwake
Tachihikari - Makuuchi
Wakanoho - Makuuchi
Roho - Komosubi I look forward to your reply.