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JWS Natsu 2021

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Day 15 submissions:

Benihana - Ura
Athenayama - Ura
wolfgangho - Ichiyamamoto
Flohru - Ura
WAKATAKE - Chiyonoo
Gansekiiwa - Shohozan
Gaijingai - Ura
Achiyama - Ura
ScreechingOwl - Ura
Tameiki - Ura
chishafuwaku - Ura

Ura train on senshuraku with 8 players riding

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Day 15 results:

Ura - win (Benihana, Athenayama, Flohru, Gaijingai, Achiyama, ScreechingOwl, Tameiki, chishafuwaku)
Ichiyamamoto - win (wolfgangho)
Chiyonoo - loss (WAKATAKE)
Shohozan - win (Gansekiiwa)

The Ura train prevailed where the man himself not only earned his long awaited return to the top division, but won the Juryo yusho in the process. We also almost had a perfect day, with 10 players scoring wins and hopefully carrying their streaks into Nagoya. Again congrats to @Tameiki for another hard fought yusho!

Yusho - Tameiki (7)

Active Streaks:

4 - Athenayama, Flohru, Achiyama, ScreechingOwl, Tameiki
3 - Benihana
2 - wolfgangho, Gansekiiwa, chishafuwaku
1 - Gaijingai

Banzuke coming soon

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Kekka and banzuke:

11 players competed in JWS for Natsu 2021. This is down one from 12 players in Haru 2021. We had two players declare kosho, and two players who were MIA. The total combined scores from everybody's streaks came out to 47. The KK line is determined by dividing the total combined scores by the number of players, which 47/11 came out to 4.27. This is rounded up to the nearest whole number, which in this case is 5, so players that achieved a 5 win streak during this basho will have an 8-7 kekka score. Kekka scores are as below:

7 --> 10-5: Tameiki
6 --> 9-6: wolfgangho
5 --> 8-7: WAKATAKE
4 --> 7-8: Athenayama, Flohru, Gaijingai, Achiyama, ScreechingOwl, 
3 --> 6-9: Benihana, Gansekiiwa, chishafuwaku

Kekka as shown on the Natsu 2021 banzuke:

Natsu 2021 Results
East Rank West
Fujisan (kosho) S Athenayama (7-8)
Tameiki (10-5, Y) S  
Achiyama (7-8) K wolfgangho (9-6, J)
Flohru (7-8) K chishafuwaku (6-9)
Akogyokuseki (kosho) M1 Gansekiiwa (6-9)
Benihana (6-9) M2 Gaijingai (7-8)
WAKATAKE (8-7) M3 Tenshinhan (0-0-15)
Houmanumi (0-0-15) M4 ScreechingOwl (7-8)


Banzuke for Nagoya 2021:

Nagoya 2021 Banzuke
East Rank West
Tameiki (10-5, Y, S2E) S wolfgangho (9-6, J, K1W)
Fujisan (kosho, S1E) S  
Athenayama (7-8, S1W) K WAKATAKE (8-7, M3E)
Achiyama (7-8, K1E) K Flohru (7-8, K2E)
Akogyokuseki (kosho, M1E) M1 chishafuwaku (6-9, K2W)
Gaijingai (7-8, M2W) M2 Gansekiiwa (6-9, M1W)
Benihana (6-9, M2E) M3 ScreechingOwl (7-8, M4W)
Tenshinhan (0-0-15, M3W) M4 Houmanumi (0-0-15, M4E)


@Tameiki is officially on an ozeki run after having won two yusho in a row (first from outside sanyaku). A strong record in Nagoya will get him to the rank. @Fujisan had an unfortunate situation happen to him and had to declare kosho for Natsu 2021. We will preserve his ozeki watch for Nagoya, a strong record there will put him on an ozeki run. @Akōgyokuseki declared kosho also, we hope to see her in Nagoya, as well as @Tenshinhan who was MIA. @Godango/Houmanumi was also MIA and has been kyujo two times in a row. He is encouraged to come back in Nagoya so as not to be banzuke gai afterwards.

Thank you again to everyone who played, I hope with things settling down we can see you all in Nagoya!

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Only checked the results now. It's always great to win and I am happy to see that I still have an active streak. I will definitely do my best to honor my rank in the upcoming Basho.

And a great thank you again to @WAKATAKE for organising the game.

Edited by Tameiki

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