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Featured Club / Dojo - JKA Treasure Club

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Sibling Yokozuna

Location - Ashikita Regional Community Center (芦北町地域交流センター), Ashikita, Kumamoto
Keiko - Tuesdays to Sundays (from 6pm)

A new club by amateur sumo standards (founded in 2001), JKA Treasure Club are located in a sporting complex within the town of Ashikita, where other sports like swimming, kendo, golf, tennis and bowling are also practised. They are coached by Honda Takanori (本田 貴紀), who was a club-mate of Endo back at Nihon University. They are probably the second best sumo club in Kumamoto (behind multiple-time Hakuho Cup champions Uto Junior Sumo Club).


Known for their strictness and hard work (very few sumo clubs below high school level have keiko six days a week), JKA Treasure Club came to everyone's attention when their were featured on Guru Nai (ぐるナイ) 's "Kinboshi Sumo Club" series, with whom a joint keiko session was held. JKA Treasure Club's most distinguishing feature is that they have a 120-step staircase just outside their building, which they use for their unique workout - the "120-step dash".

During this workout, club members have to run all the way from the bottom of this staircase to the top, and they have to do this non-stop. "It is painful" they have commented, "I don't really like it".



However, tough training leads to strong bodies, and no one in the club is stronger than the Yamashita brothers, Shosuke and Masakiyo, both of whom are national champions. They are the first, and so far only, sibling Yokozuna in Wanpaku Tournament history. We'll talk about each of them in depth during the "Class of 2021" and Class of 2023" posts, but for now, here's a video of the time when the Yamashita siblings were interviewed by Kagoshima's Izumi TV:


With not one but TWO national champions in their ranks, JKA Treasure Club went into the team competition at last year's 10th Hakuho Cup with high hopes of bringing home the team title. Below is the video of their semi-final match against Shizuoka's Yaizu Junior Sumo Club, with JKA Treasure Club on the left:


The final beckons, where they face Terada Dojo from Iwate Prefecture. JKA Treasure Club are on the right:

Despite this result, it was a great tournament for JKA Treasure Club, and they will surely produce more and more talented and strong wrestlers in the future.

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Introducing 5th Grader Haru Yamaguchi, a three-sport phenom. He goes to the sumo club after school for a 2-hour training session, and then immediately goes through the door for badminton training. And on top of all that, he also plays baseball as well!

How he has the stamina to keep up with all three for the past five years I have no idea, but runner-up at last year's Wanpaku Tournament definitely shows that he has a talent for sumo. Roronoa Zoro would be proud.


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