Ichidai toshiyori no more?

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On 08/10/2021 at 08:05, Churaumi said:


I think the problem of endowing kabu would be the lack of a limit would cause the same problems as it does everywhere else, in that we'd have more "do-nothing" oyakata that would clog up the system. Maybe if it were limited to rikishi with stratospheric accomplishments? Such as a certain threshold of yusho, matches, wins, etc?

Interesting, as to my mind it would be the opposite. The endowment kabu would undoubtedly remain a rare thing available to only high performers (in the ring at least), and by removing the limit you remove the clog - "do nothing" oyakata can't clog the system by sitting on the limited number of kabu, preventing others from entering. 

(As an aside, I appreciate my version of the clog is theoretical, I don't know of any qualified rikishi unable to obtain stock due to lack of availability, but I'm not exactly a fount of knowledge on the matter) 

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Hokuseiho is considered Hokkaido shusshin even though he was born in Mongolia, having come to Japan as a young child.  That guy from Texas* (I can't remember his name) was also treated as having a Japanese Shusshin I think, and that was a bit of a stretch from what I understand, but it may have come down to having lived in Japan long enough as a child.  I also seem to recall at one point if someone had permanent resident status, that they at least did not need to miss one basho, but I don't think that changed their shusshin.

I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will come along and put things right.

*Edit: Wakaichiro had "Japanese nationality" by birth and spent summers with his grandparents in Japan according to Wikipedia.  That may have been seen as enough to warrant a local shusshin.

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