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Sansho Award at Nagoya Basho 2004

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I am sure this probably has been pointed out by Doitsuyama but I came across a series of rather interesting data. This is to do with the Nagoya Basho Sansho Award selection and how rare it is to have only one Sansho award winner in the recent bashos.

There was only one Sansho winner at the Nagoya Basho this year, Maegashira 14 Toyozakura with 12 wins and 3 losses record winning the Kantosho award.

Since the Nagoya Basho in 1977, there were only six bashos prior to this Nagoya Basho when there was only one Sansho award winner.

Here's the list:

July 1977: Ginosho - Maegashira 1 Washuyama 9-6

March 1988: Kantosho - Maegashira 7 Kirinji 10-5

November 1988: Ginosho - Maegashira 6 Kirishima 10-5

November 1994: Kantosho - Maegashira 15 Naminohana 10-5 (a)

November 1997: Kantosho - Maegashira 6 Musoyama 11-4

September 2002: Kantosho - Maegashira 7 Kotomitsuki 12-3 (b)

July 2004: Kantosho - Maegashira 14 Toyozakura 12-3 ©


(a) Maegashira 4 Akinoshima had 10-5 but did not get it.

(b) Maegashira 8 Tamakasuga had 10-5 but he did not meet the condition for the Kantosho that he needed to win on the Senshuraku.

Maegashira 3 Kyokutenho with 8-7 record missed getting the Shukunsho despite winning his bout on the Senshuraku but Yokozuna Takanohana whom he beat did not get the Yusho.

© Others with the records that could have got a Sansho were:

M7 Miyabiyama 12-3

M8 Hakuho 11-4

M10 Asasekiryu 11-4

M11 Tosanoumi 11-4

Sekiwake Tochiazuma 10-5 (defeated Asashoryu)

M15 Futeno 10-5

Sekiwake Wakanosato 8-7 (defeated Asashoryu)

Here's another list of those who were ranked Sekiwake and below and did not get a Sansho despite winning more that 12 bouts.

January 1951 Sekiwake Yoshibayama 13-2

May 1952 M19 Oiwazan 12-3 *

January 1953 M8 Kiyomigawa 12-3 *

May 1953 M17 Ouchiyama 12-3 *

January 1954 M10 Kitanonada 12-3 *

January 1954 M16 Shimanishiki 12-3 *

September 1956 M7 Tokitsuyama 12-3

January 1957 M6 Tochihikari 12-3 *

January 1957 M7 Dewanishiki 12-3 *

March 1957 Sekiwake Asashio 13-2 (Yusho)

March 1957 M5 Tokitsuyama 12-3

January 1958 M14 Ouchiyama 12-3 *

November 1958 M15 Kuninobori 12-3 *

March 1959 M9 Fusanishiki 12-3 *

November 1959 M1 Tamanoumi 12-3

March 1960 M11 Tokitsuyama 12-3 *

May 1960 M14 Wakachichibu 13-2 *

November 1960 Sekiwake Taiho 13-2 (Yusho)

March 1962 M10 Fusanishiki 12-3 *

November 1962 M10 Daigo 12-3 *

November 1993 Sekiwake Takanonami 12-3

September 2001 Sekiwake Tochiazuma 12-3

July 2004 M7 Miyabiyama 12-3

Note: * - did not meet an Ozeki nor Yokozuna.

What you noticed is that prior to the 1963, there were some rikishi winning 13 bouts but still missing getting a Sansho. The reason for this is in those days, there were many more Makuuchi rikishis and those lower in the ranks did not get to meet an Ozkei nor a Yokozuna. As well they had a limit of one winner per a Sansho award so if there is more than one qualified rikishis, the others missed out.

In cases of Takanonami in 1993, he was judged to have a style not conducive to be worth a Sansho award while Tochiazuma did not get it because he was criticized for his henka moves. Both Takanonami and Tochiazuma got a Sansho award in subsequent basho however.

In case of Miyabiyama who won 9 straight and even faced Asashoryu whom he was not scheduled to meet should have received a Sansho award.

(Source: Ozumo magazine September 2004)

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