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There was a man who was an avid fan of many sports. Luckily for him, he found a woman who shared his passion for sports, and so he married her. Then, a few years into their marriage, the man started to rekindle his passion for a sport he had been following on and off for years: sumo. The wife, who had never before experienced the sport, joined him as he watched the recaps on NHK world. And it didn't take long for her to become enthralled by sumo as well. 

Unfortunately for the man though, the inquisitive nature of his wife led to her asking him a gazillion question in a very short span of time. Unfortunately for the wife though, the husband did not have all the answers to her questions, nor the patience to discuss matters of the banzuke, the absent yokozuna, etc for the umpteenth time. And so she decided to search the realms of the world wide web for fellow sumo fans from whom she could learn a lot and discuss all matters sumo, despite her lack of the Japanese language.

So she landed here, a newbie sumo fan, accompanied by her trusty side-kick: a cat who has a serious tv addiction when it comes to sport. (It's the grunting and the slapping noises that she likes. Same reason she likes to watch wrestling as well)

And thus, a SumoKitten was born.

Long story short: 

Greetings! I'm happy to be here and hope to learn a lot! Hope everyone is having a great haru basho so far! 


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Best Sumo Forum Introduction I've read in a long time!  Welcome SumoKitten from sumojoann.  My story is similar to yours.  If you have time, you can click on my photo.  That will take you to my Profile page where you can read about how I became interested in sumo eight years ago.  Like you, I became enthralled and there was no turning back!

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Thank you all so much for your kind words and warm welcome. :-)

@sumojoann You are absolutely right in our stories being similar, my husband also thinks he created a monster. So thank you very much for sharing your story! 

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