Daieishou started training today- another fundamentalist- butsugarist. He also had a one week rest, but.. "I was running all over the place between various functions pertaining to my yusho, so rest? No way.. Still, I'm thankful, " he said. He visited his hometown of Saitama as the first ever Saitama boy to get the yusho. He couldn't visit his own house, but spoke via a local TV show with his mother and to his beloved dog. "Even at the railway station there was a huge picture of me and a banner was raised at the municipality. I'm happy that my hometown is excited. I want to properly train as usual so I may be able to do my own kind of sumo and properly build my body. As for the next basho being held in Tokyo, I was asked by Osaka fans to make a good showing in Osaka and i felt I really wanted to do that local basho, but I want to gambarize so they they can properly watch the bouts on TV. I intend to face the next basho as a challenger and not as a favorite.. I want to train hard so that even though my opponents have been studying my sumo, I will be able to do serious sumo.." he said. Is he aiming for Ozeki? "Hey, I have never had a kachikoshi at Sekiwake yet.. If I don't get a kachikoshi, all this talk is nonsense.  After I leave some respectable results I can maybe start aiming for Ozeki.." he summed.