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Rikishi 2nd careers

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On 24/10/2022 at 21:38, Akinomaki said:

An ex-rikishi you-tuber who now calls himself Edomondo Chan (his mother seems to be from the Philippines - with also Spanish and Mexican ancestry, so that might be his name from her side) was at the audition for BreakingDown6, a fight event on Abema, and squashed someone who had the job to provoke him. 220kg now, though Enshunada, who it has to be from the data on his self presentation, was way below that weight while active.

Training for the event with Yuto Fukuchi, who uses " karate world champion" in his YT channel title

sumo/fight with a female pro-wrestler participant of BreakingDown6


another training fight

BreakingDown6 fight vs. Maki Izaya - ex-Enshunada lost 0-5 by decision


202211020001274-w200_17.jpgo b_15776507.jpgo b_15776508.jpgo b_15776506.jpgo

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Talento Mainoumi, who is also guest professor at the Kindai department of business administration - he himself is from Nichidai, has lectures at several locations. On the 23rd at the Kamishihoro-juku at the center for lifelong learning, for about 100 listeners, on the subject of "keep trying the possible"


2106871_sum240.jpgo  2106871-4_sum240.jpgo2106871-2_sum240.jpgo

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