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Kyokai keiko session-January basho

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The keiko session will be held at the kkan training dohyo between December 18th and 23rd. 

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9 minutes ago, code_number3 said:

The FujiTV one? Knock-out tourney that gave us Hakuho vs Enho?

It would appear to be so. Its site has also just been updated: 

45_grandsumo.pdf (


Tickets apparently went on sale from 15th Nov, in the middle of the basho. 

(I have split this off to a different topic, so as to not hijack the rengo-keiko thread.)

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On 26/11/2020 at 13:27, Seiyashi said:

相撲日程発表 合同稽古は12月18日から23日 - 大相撲 : 日刊スポーツ (

In the report also:

  1. Shindeshi kensa on January 5th.
  2. Hanazumo(?!) "Japan Grand Sumo Tournament" on February 7th.

And the NSK goes into the year end/start holidays from the 26th till the 3rd.

Not on the schedule: the Meiji shrine New Year yokozuna dohyo-iri - canceled.

Still under consideration is if the other regular hanazumo event will take place in February, NHK Fukushi (charity) ozumo.

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