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JWS November 2020

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It's the last basho of this crazy 2020 year!!! JWS November 2020 is around the corner and we are trying to see who will win this last basho. chishafuwaku was our winner from Aki 2020 and seeks to prolong his winning streak to try and break his own record this basho. Will we have any surprise winners this basho?

The goal of the game is to pick one juryo rikishi that you think will win for the day and try to get the longest streak possible.

Rules below!

1. Pick one Juryo rikishi from the 28 ranked on the banzuke that you think will win for the day
2. You can opt to use your main pick from day 1 for the rest of the basho, or you can play daily using the Survey Monkey links
3. All Juryo rikishi are eligible for daily picks, even those in makuuchi or makushita crossover matches. However, you cannot pick their makuuchi or makushita opponents
4. It is requested that you submit your picks via the Survey Monkey link, but you can also submit picks here in this thread, by PM, or by email
5. Deadline for daily picks is 2pm Japan time (9pm Pacific Standard time), late submissions will not be accepted. Senshuraku deadline for picks is 1:30pm Japan time (8:30pm Pacific Standard Time) due to the early start times
6. Matches involving a kyujo rikishi (withdrawal) will not be eligible for submission
7. If you are playing daily and miss the deadline, your main pick from the previous day will be used
7. Please designate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd default picks for the basho
  a. If your main pick goes kyujo, either through daily play or for the entire basho, your 1st default will be substituted to your main pick
  b. Your 1st default will be replaced if they go kyujo to the 2nd default and so forth, unless you change your main picks and defaults
  c. If your main pick is involved in a kyujo match for the day (fusensho or fusenpai), your 1st default will be substituted. If the 1st default is also involved in a kyujo match, the 2nd default will be used (3rd default if 2nd is also kyujo). If all four of your picks are involved in a kyujo match, you will automatically have a loss for the day
7. You may change your default rikishi at anytime during the basho as long as you make your submission before the deadline. Missing the deadline will result in the previous default being used
8. A loss by your pick will wipe out your winning streak and you will have to start over
9. Everybody on the forums are allowed to participate and you may send a submission on any day of the basho
10. The player with the longest streak in the basho will be declared the yusho winner
11. In the case of a tie for longest streak of the basho, a tiebreaker will will be used to determine the winner. Criteria is also taken from results in your streak only
12. Active streaks that do not end on senshuraku (last day) of the basho will continue into the next basho from day 1


1. Picking the same rikishi the most times
2. Second longest streak
3. Most picks with the least consensus among your peers (if you picked someone who was not picked by most other players)
4. Picking rikishi with losing records to win
5. Strength of schedule based on the final records of the opponents beaten during your streak
6. Winning streaks of your 2nd and 3rd defaults. This applies to what your 2nd and 3rd defaults were up to day 8 to prevent cheating. You are still free to change your defaults after that but the 2nd and 3rd defaults up to day 8 will be used for tiebreakers only. Both defaults will be looked at
7. Highest number of wins that you scored that did not apply to your 1st and 2nd streaks
8. Wins by picks against higher ranked rikishi

*Clarifying language added to tiebreaker 8


Kekka scoring:

Your kekka record/scoring is determined on a curve factor. The longest streaks of all players are added at the end of the basho and the total sum of the streaks is then divided by the number of players in the game to get the average streak up to the second decimal. The score is then rounded up to the next whole number to determine the KK line. 

To register, complete the simple form in the link below. Check if you will play the game or declare kosho. Day 1 link will be posted after the torikumi has been announced.

Looking forward to playing with everyone this basho!

Registration link:


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Thank you to those who have registered for the basho! Those who have answered are as follows:


- Athenayama
- Akogyokuseki
- Benihana
- chishafuwaku
- Fujisan


- Gaijingai

There is still time to enter the link if you are going to play or declare kosho. Please note that even if you do not fill out the link, you are still free to play the game! Looking forward to playing with everyone!

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Day 1 submissions:

wolfgangho - Ura
Athenayama - Churanoumi
Akogyokuseki - Midorifuji
Benihana - Ura
Flohru - Ura
chishafuwaku - Ura
WAKATAKE - Midorifuji
Tameiki - Shohozan
Fujisan - Churanoumi
Achiyama - Ura
ScreechingOwl - Churanoumi

The comeback boy Ura takes the top pick spot for day 1 with 5 votes.

New players are welcome to play, you can fill out the link for day 2!

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Day 1 results:

Ura - win (wolfgangho, Benihana, Flohru, chishafuwaku, Achiyama)
Churanoumi - win (Athenayama, Fujisan, ScreechingOwl)
Midorifuji - loss (Akogyokuseki, WAKATAKE)
Shohozan - win (Tameiki)

Ura carries those who made him the top pick for day 1, and with a rare okurinage kimarite. @chishafuwaku extends his winning streak to 12 now, putting him in a 4 way tie for 4th place. He will attempt to break his own record of 14. Also, 3 other players have extended their streaks to 10 wins and have now made the top 10 list for winning streaks in this game. An early congrats to @Benihana, @Achiyama and @Tameiki! There are still plenty of players that are also extending their streaks from JWS Aki 2020. How will this basho turn out?

Active Streaks

From Aki 2020:

12 - chishafuwaku
10 - Benihana, Achiyama, Tameiki
4 - Flohru, wolfgangho
3 - Athenayama
2 - Fujisan

November 2020

1 - wolfgangho, Athenayama, Benihana, Flohru, chishafuwaku, Tameiki, Fujisan, Achiyama, ScreechingOwl

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Day 6 Mitoryu

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Day 6 - Takagenji

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Hey everyone! Post your picks for day 6 here, I'll resume posting the Survey Monkey links for day 7. We'll operate as normal (hopefully) and then at the end of the basho I will have to figure out what to do about determining the yusho race.


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Day 7 - Jokoryu

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Day 7 Midorifuj

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