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Bout-Length Aki 2020

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3 minutes ago, Yamanashi said:

Thanks for this.  I already had done the calculations for Ichinojo, and it checks out.  Over 15 days you expect to see definite trends , and there are some (e.g. Shodai and Chiyotairyu short bouts), but there's always that one bout that screws up your statistics (Tochinoshin's henka, Kotoeko bouncing off Ichinojo and out).  Maybe over longer periods we can test our theories ("does Takayasu win most of the long slouch-fests?"; "Does Enho always go for short, tactical bouts?").

Agreed, there's potential for some very interesting stats here. In an ideal world I'd have wasted more of my work time and eliminated outliers. I might send the dataset home for fun if I get some time.

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