Disclaimer/introduction for new players The Wall: If a sumotori gets his first makekoshi (MK = losing record) in that respective division, it's called "hitting the wall" (KK = winning record, means missing the wall, which is a good thing). For makuuchi this basho it's Kotoshoho and Hoshoryu. For Hoshoryu it's his first try in makuuchi. In juryo we have 2 guys to fight the wall, Oki and Nikishifuji. Hoshoryu is the nephew of legendary Asashoryu. His record so far is quite impressive, he managed to reach makuuchi within 14 basho, with only 2 MK (a 3-4 at Ms2 and 7-8 at J13). Regarding height and weight, he reminds me of a man called horse. Promotion/demotion/kadoban: Asanoyama had a superb Ozeki debut last basho. Without ex-Ozeki Terunofuji he probably would have been the 9th in recorded history (6th in the 15 bouts era) to win a basho on his Ozeki debut. If he manages to win this basho in a very convincing manner, it could mean Promotion to Yokozuna.  Takakeisho was kadoban last basho and dropped out due to an injury as soon as he got his KK. Did he overcome his health problems? Both Shodai and Mitakeumi have a chance of promotion to Ozeki. We've seen weirder things happen in the last months.   Guess the colour of the giant macaron: One of the prices for the yusho winner is a giant fake macaron (as placeholder for a load of real, normal sized macarons from one of the best Pâtisseries in Paris). The colour varies and it has become a popular game to guess it.