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Retirements after July 2020

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Quite a long list of retirees, 19 from this particular basho, plus the late Shobushi and five ex/sekitori during the extended break (quoted below).

(Heya, Age, Debut, Highest Rank)

Ms8e Kizenryu  (Kise, 35, 2008.03, J11e)
Ms27e Terao  (Shikoroyama, 33, 2005.01, Ms10e)
Sd23e Gochozan  (Minezaki, 32, 2006.03, Ms7w)
Sd31e Aratora  (Isenoumi, 28, 2015.05, Sd3e)
Sd35w Byakko  (Azumazeki, 31, 2005.03, Ms13e)
Sd60w Kyokuyuko  (Nakagawa, 26, 2013.01, Ms58w)
Sd64w Kurahashi  (Asakayama, 23, 2016.05, Ms50w)
Sd69e Komakiryu  (Kise, 35, 2008.03, Ms33w)
Sd89w Ako  (Onomatsu, 27, 2008.03, Sd20w)
Sd90e Bankoku  (Kise, 30, 2010.01, Ms12e)
Sd99e Kotorikuzan  (Sadogatake, 26, 2009.03, Sd30w)
Jd50w Sakaefuji  (Sakaigawa, 27, 2011.05, Sd72e)
Jd63w Terumichi  (Isegahama, 23, 2013.03, Jd2w)
Jd95e Takamasaki  (Chiganoura, 20, 2018.03, Jd21e)
Jd98e Ryuga  (Nishikido, 21, 2018.09, Jd80w)
Jk5w Houn  (Minezaki, 25, 2017.09, Jk3e)
Jk10w Kyokushoriki  (Tomozuna, 22, 2018.03, Jk8e)
Jk12w Wakaseiun  (Chiganoura, 19, 2017.03, Jd56w)
Jk30w Yamakawa  (Tagonoura, 15, 2020.03, Jk30w)

Sd82w Shobushi  (Takadagawa, died while active aged 28, 2007.03, Sd11e)


On ‎18‎/‎07‎/‎2020 at 11:33, Yubinhaad said:

J2w Tochiozan - retired July 15th, now Kiyomigata-oyakata
Ms7w Toyonoshima - retired April 17th, now Izutsu-oyakata
Ms41w Sokokurai - retired March 26th, now Arashio-oyakata
Ms57e Seiro - retired July 13th
Sd4w Tokushinho - retired June 1st


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On 02/06/2020 at 09:12, Akinomaki said:

According to heya sources, Tokushinho, the first sekitori coming from Asahi university, will have his 2nd career as staff of Asahi university.

Tokushinho started as staff member Shiratsuka at Asahi university on July 1st, still with mage. He's responsible for livelihood support of the students and also works as sumo coach.


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Aichi native Komakiryu has lost about 25kg since February, having planned to retire at what would have been his home Nagoya basho - unfortunately the change of venue put paid to that idea. In September he will start working for a company run by a member of Kise-beya's koenkai.

Byakko made his debut in Nakamura-beya, when that closed in late 2012 the surviving rikishi moved to Azumazeki-beya. With his retirement, only Mitozakura remains active.


On ‎24‎/‎07‎/‎2020 at 18:22, Akinomaki said:

For his 2nd career he works at a construction company. He aims to get to 100kg, from 135kg. Kyokuyuko wants to teach what he learned in the heya to the kohai at his school, Mukainooka industrial high, asked to by the coach.

Ex-Kyokuyuko visited the school for the first time five days after his danpatsu-shiki and has returned several times since to help with coaching. "I convey the importance of diet and training the lower body. I'm happy to be involved with the sumo world after my retirement," he said.

Lending his chest during keiko:


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