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RotoSumo Aki 2020

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Posted (edited)

No Ozeki performed well enough to be considered for Yokozuna in the near future.  Norizo and Torafuji are kadoban after posting MKs.  Gurowake's prolonged absence as well as his MK last time he entered lead to his demotion from Ozeki.

Both Sekiwake last tournament posted MKs so there are no Ozeki promotions.

Promoted to Sekiwake are Taka, Yusho winner Athenayama, and Andoreasu.  They all need only ten wins next tournament for promotion to Ozeki after their monster scores this tournament and decent scores last tournament. 

Pandaazuma returns as Komusubi and is joined by newly promoted Andonishiki.







Corrected first rank of Makushita because I apparently couldn't read e vs w.

Corrected Oshirokita based on


Edited by Gurowake

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