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Kizenryu Intai

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He seemed especially relieved after his win today, despite the make-koshi. Now I know why.

I'm gonna miss that 2 meter sentinel of the makushita joi. Always kinda liked him.

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Farewell, uwatenage master.  (Sadgoodbyes...)

Actually I heard back in February that his injuries were getting too much and he intended to retire after the Natsu basho, which of course didn't take place. I had hoped the enforced break might have helped him to heal and continue a while longer, but looking at him this basho I think he's shed some weight, so his mind must have been made up. And at 35, that's fair enough. He holds the record for most promotions to Juryo with 9, but unfortunately he never managed a kachi-koshi there.

In the future he plans to return to his home prefecture Kagawa and get involved with coaching sumo to kids.

Naturally, he signed off with an uwatenage win, the 143rd of his career which is almost half of all his wins.



A deep farewell bow to the dohyo.


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Posted (edited)

With Kiz I always feel obliged to mention the post a forum member in Japan made many years ago. Having done keiko with him in his university days at Nichidai, they mentioned that they were surprised to see him turn pro, because he was such a nice guy, and based on their keiko together he just seemed too gentle for ozumo.

I always cheered for him after that, and was particularly disappointed when after a 6-2 start and seemingly headed for his first juryo KK,  an injury got the better of him and forced him out of that basho. But almost 10 tournaments as a sekitori is still a good accomplishment, one that most rikishi will never reach, and I'm sure the kids of Kagawa will uwatenage-ing better than ever in no time (Clappingwildly...)

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