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JWS July 2020

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1 hour ago, Athenayama said:

Am I "banned" from Banzuke for JWS for Aki 2020 ? :-)

Thanks for the game, sir.

Good catch my friend, you are M2E. Thanks for being a loyal player!

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Posted (edited)

Ross Mihara:: Here’s Riyo Ohta with a Hanamichi report with Gaijingai. 

Riyo: Gaijingai, congratulations on your success. As noted, you have back to back Yushos and a total of 3 Yushos in the two years this game has been running. What do you say to this?

Gaijingai: Why aren’t I a Yokozuna??!! I’ve been cheated! I’ve been robbed! When I get my hands on the Wackytaka guy, he will feel like a new recruit when I’m through with him!

Riyo: Oh dear!  then I guess the party will be called off.

Gaijingai: What party?

Riyo: The big party for your Yusho! All the sushi and okonomiyaki you can eat...for a week!

Gaijingai: Er...Um...As I was saying, I would still be in Jonokuchi if it were not for the excellent training of Wakatake in the operation of this fine game!

Riyo: I thought so. Back to you, Ross!


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