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2020 Kagoshima Kokutai

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The sumo event of the 2020 75th kokutai in Kagoshima is scheduled to take place from Oct 9th till 11th in Amami-city. Discussions about cancelling also the kokutai (or just sumo among other sports) will go on, but it looks rather likely that it will take place.

Sumo at the preliminary prefecture level athletic meet events (kentai) is reported as planned for some regions, some will have it in substitutes for canceled pref. level interhigh tournaments, others not, but there were no reports of canceled kentai yet /topic/interhigh-2020-canceled/

The countdown for the sumo event was started in May last year


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The Kagoshima kokutai will be postponed. The Japan Sport Association and the Sports ministry etc. announced this today at a press conference in Tokyo. Due to Corona, preliminary events did not take place. A new date has not been fixed yet (postponed in Japan usually is indefinite).

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