Virtual Bench Euros 2020?

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Hi all!

Back in 2010, we had the inaugural Bench World Cup.  This is a fantasy sports game played during the football (soccer) World Cup.  Since then, there has been two more Bench World Cups in 2014 and 2018, and two Bench Euros in 2012 and 2016.  

The Euros 2020 have been postponed until 2021 - when I presume we will be holding the Bench Euros 2021.

But, I am thinking, we could still have a virtual Bench Euros, just for fun. 

How would this work? We would follow the tournament schedule, as it was meant to be for the Euros 2020 (starting on June 12th and ending on July 12th 2020). We would use the established rules for Bench football competitions to see who wins.

The only problem(s) would be the following....

a) Work out the four remaining teams (out of 16) to qualify for the tournament

b) Work out the results for each of the matches

If there is enough interest to play, I would work out some rules to decide this. But my preliminary thinking would be something like this....

All teams start off with a 'base number' based on the average of odds from Bookmakers about how likely they are to win the whole competition.
For each match, there will be a 'home support' factor rolled in, based on how close the country is located to where the stadium that the match is being played.
There will be a random factor thrown in of maybe zero, one or two news events (either positive - Manager X gives amazing press conference, or negative - Star player Z breaks his toe in freak gardening accident), which will add to or take away from the base number. Then every ten minutes (the last 'five minutes' of each half may not be exactly ten minutes, depending on time added on), there will be a random event, which may (or may not) result in a goal chance / yellow card / red card / penalty etc. Whether or not a goal is scored would be based on the 'base number'.

Anyway, it could work, with the 'better' teams at the start of the tournament having a better chance of winning the whole thing than the lower ranked ones - but with good luck / bad luck being possible throughout the virtual tournament, any team could end up being the eventual winners.

To prepare the rules / scenarios / formulae for the virtual competition would take some time on my part (volunteers welcome, to help out with a) working out the maths and b) writing up the scenarios, and deciding how much impact each one would have.), but I am willing to do it, if there is enough interest to play a virtual 'meaningless' game.

Due to time available before June 12th, I think we need to have enough confirmed players and refiojis (a term coined by Achiyama to describe the 'referees' of the Bench football matches) by the end of this month (31st May) to decide whether or not this virtual competition will take place. We need 24 players and 6 refiojis. In addition, it would be nice to have four 'match referees' for the actual virtual games. (I.e. A refioji might be in charge of the match between Jejima and Achiyama. A referee would be in charge of the virtual match of Belgium vs Denmark.) Plus any people with mathematical brains to help work out the formulae for deciding the results of matches. And any people with creative brains to think up scenarios (positive and negative) that might affect teams and matches.  Of course you can sign up for more than one, and maybe even all!

Please let me know if you are interested in taking part, by signing up below.

First option is being given to regular sumo game players - so please do not sign up family members and friends just yet. (If we don't quite make the numbers required to play as the deadline approaches, I will throw it open to family members etc, as in the past.)

6 Refiojis - essential
1. Jejima            2.                     3.                       4.                      5.                       6.       

24 Teams - essential
1. Jejima            2.                     3.                       4.                      5.                       6.                     
7.                         8.                     9.                      10.                   11.                    12.
13.                       14.                   15.                    16.                   17.                    18.
19.                       20.                   21.                   22.                   23.                    24.

4 Referees
1. Jejima            2.                     3.                       4.

Formulae Team
1. Jejima           2.............

Scenario Team
1. Jejima           2............

I am going to add the following @names for forum members who were involved at the previous Bench World Cup, in order to get their attentions!

@Jakusotsu @furanohana @Chijanofuji @Nekonishiki Banji @Suwihuto @Achiyama @Atenzan @chishafuwaku @Kintamayama @Pitinosato @Pandaazuma @Shatsume @Nantonoyama @kawika @Benihana @Andonishiki @crall @Ganzohnesushi @Haidouzo @Fukurou @ronnie


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I don't think I can commit at the moment, but I will let you know if that changes. 

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Crazy idea Jezz (Holidayfeeling...) Cool (Applauding...)

Of course I am in (Punkrocker...)


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Hi Jezz,

With the lack of real sport events, this might fill a hole in our boring life.

You can count me in as a Player and Refioji.

Edited by Achiyama

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I'm not sure yet.

At this point I'm tempted to say no because I feel it lacks that element of excitement when it's not connected to the real event.

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Will be on travel (despite Corona!) within this period. Doesn't make sense to participate. Sorry.


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Unless there is a sudden rush of interest, the virtual Bench Euros will be cancelled.  (Can something be cancelled if it was never actually scheduled?)

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