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Now that the Natsu 2020 banzuke has been published, I've spent some time this week updating my personal database of amateur sumo results. I keep a record of those who have appeared in national level tournaments in primary school and middle school in order to keep track of who has joined Ozumo, and what their highest ranks are. I also have a separate database for high school and college results for amateur sumo banzuke purposes.

Below are a list of everyone in my database who have at least reached Juryo, the year group they belong to (Class of ???), as well as their ranking within their year group based on their cumulative primary school and middle school results (not counting any high school or college results as some of them turn pro at 15). They are listed according to their highest Ozumo ranking.

"Class of 2012" means that they graduated from middle school in March 2012.

East Ozeki 1 - Takakeisho (Class of 2012) (#3)

East Sekiwake 1 - Kotoyuki (Class of 2007) (#12)
East Sekiwake 1 - Mitakeumi (Class of 2008) (#7)

West Komusubi 1 - Onosho (Class of 2012) (#4)

West Maegashira 1 - Yutakayama (Class of 2009) (#11)
West Maegashira 2 - Meisei (Class of 2011) (#4)
West Maegashira 4 - Kagayaki (Class of 2010) (#8)
East Maegashira 5 - Daishomaru (Class of 2007) (#1)
West Maegashira 7 - Kotoeko (Class of 2007) (#11)
East Maegashira 11 - Daiamami (Class of 2008) (#4)
West Maegashira 13 - Kotonowaka (Class of 2013) (#11)
East Maegashira 15 - Kotoshoho (Class of 2015) (#9)

West Juryo 11 - Midorifuji (Class of 2012) (#162)
West Juryo 12 - Daiseido (Class of 2008) (#11)
West Juryo 12 - Ryuko (Class of 2014) (#3)
West Juryo 13 - Gokushindo (Class of 2012) (#32)



The Class of 2012 looks really strong don't they, with both Takakeisho and Onosho having sanyaku experience. If you're wondering which two wrestlers were top of such a strong year group, well, one of them is currently in Sandanme, while the other graduated from university last March, having been a very important member of his college sumo team.

The following might be an interesting piece of information about new recruits. There are 2478 wrestlers in my primary and middle school database who have already graduated from middle school. As of Natsu 2020. 126 of them have joined Ozumo sometime in their lives (5%), of which 21 have already retired.

16 (as listed above) have reached the paid sekitori ranks at least once in their careers (0.65%). 50 of them have reached Makushita or above (2%). One of them, Nakao Yusei (shikona Yusei) from the Class of 2017, got a 2-1 score in Maezumo and then subsequently retired.

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