New recruits for July 2020

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Today was the shinjo shusse hirou of the 10 new recruits - first a commemorative photo outside


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3 sai-shusse of banzuke-gai rikishi were also announced o : Kototaiko, Hanashi and Yutakanami

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Posted (edited)

I hope everything is alright with Asashosakari; in the meantime here's my quick-n-dirty results and standings info.

As Akinomaki reported above, the shindeshi were joined in maezumo by three rikishi returning from banzuke-gai: Kototaiko (Sadogatake, out of action for 4 basho), Hanashi (Musashigawa, 3 basho), and Yutakanami (Tatsunami, 2 basho).


Day 3

O Hanashi	Kototaiko X
O Yasunishi	Takarabe X
O Akiyoshi	Kawaguchi X
O Osuzuki	Nakago X
O Mabuchi	Furusawa X
X Shimoyama	Takano O
O Yutakanami	Kototaiko X

Day 4

O Hanashi	Takarabe X
X Yasunishi	Kawaguchi O
O Akiyoshi	Nakago X
O Osuzuki	Furusawa X
X Mabuchi	Takano O
O Yutakanami	Takarabe X

Day 5

X Mabuchi	Yasunishi O
O Hanashi	Nakago X
O Akiyoshi	Takarabe X
O Osuzuki	Kawaguchi X
O Takano	Furusawa X
O Yutakanami	Yasunishi X

I make the final standings as follows:

Akiyoshi	Onomatsu	3-0
Osuzuki		Naruto		3-0
Takano		Kise		3-0
> Hanashi	Musashigawa	3-0
> Yutakanami	Tatsunami	3-0
Yasunishi	Michinoku	2-2
Mabuchi		Musashigawa	1-2
Kawaguchi	Kokonoe		1-2
Takarabe	Kokonoe		0-4
Nakago		Kokonoe		0-3
Furusawa	Kokonoe		0-3
> Kototaiko	Sadogatake	0-2-2
Shimoyama	Tokitsukaze	0-1-2


No surprises among the 3-0 rookies - Takano and Akiyoshi have competitive backgrounds through to high school while Osuzuki comes from Nittai-dai. In contrast, the Kokonoe quartet could only muster a combined 1-12, perhaps backing up why I couldn't find much on them regarding sumo experience.

Yutakanami looks fit again, having started his career with a jun-yusho before injury dropped him back. Hanashi hasn't yet managed back-to-back kachi-koshi in his career, and his 3-0 here is a bit deceptive - Kototaiko and a pair of winless Kokonoes were his victims. Kototaiko didn't appear again after his double duty in the first session.

Shimoyama fought once in the first session and was absent thereafter, but he did return for the shussehiro as you can see in the pictures above. We overlooked him a bit, he was on the sumo team at Kogota Norin High School in Miyagi prefecture and competed at the 2019 Inter-high.

Edited by Yubinhaad
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Posted (edited)

The shinjo shusse hirou of the 10 new recruits on day 8

Edited by Akinomaki
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