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Houston, I believe we have a winner! As a mongrel mutt myself, I can feel the weight of the expression and the way I suspect it's used in Japanese. Any of the Japanese reading forum members ready to cough up the kanji for "banzuke oazuke?"

I fear the Dog Days of sumo have only just begun. We may have to lie in the corner for a while this summer...

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as the japanese say

Sei Gen Ji Kan..... preparation time....

and Sei Gen Ji Kan ippai when that period is over and we are fully prepared for the fight

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Posted (edited)

I found this topic really interesting, thanks Kaminariyuki (wow, roaring thunder and snow – what a dramatic image you evoke. As if ushering a relentless winter but eventually a bright spring again filled with hope and anticipation – just like this one. After a big “zombie limbo”,  you’ll sure to enjoy the full-scale pleasure again ( well… just if there’s no vicious virus around…. )

Right after Senshuraku Musubi no Ichiban, I just feel “ki ga nukeru” - literally, “Spirit leaves me” like, what should I do with this empty feeling? And actrually the next day is worse - I feel more “gakkari( discouraged )” coming home from work realizing there’s no recorded bouts to watch after dinner any more. Then as the banzuke-announcment day approaches, it’s like a puppy dog put to wait drooling with a yummy meal right in front of him. That’s exactly the “oazuke” situation. So I really like “banzuke oazuke time”!!  A nice playful rhyme. Of course “banzuke oazuke limbo” sounds really good too! (Applauding...)

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