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Akinomaki's Kuukido

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I'm sorry that I will abuse the forum for personal goals - but I can only justify to keep spending that much time on it, when I also do some of the important things here. I have to get this project going, especially with the new virus spreading - surely also in Japan, where I'll be in May.

Kuukido is my personal system of health management, which comes with the accompanying philosophy. I can't give full instructions and a concise program to train it yet - it is not something fix, but rather a way to do things, to use - your body and your mind among other things. So I decided to present it in a story - that way I am not responsible for the untested parts.

The problem with this approach is: I am no storyteller (more so than I'm no so many other things). I usually do the opposite: I reduce stories to a core and throw away the rest. The only thing I'm vaguely familiar with are science fiction stories - but action is not my thing, so it may become quite boring. Which is also a problem, because I hope to reach also a younger audience - something you do for your health is not really appealing to them. Since action is not my thing, it will be more of a play - nearly all dialogue and speeches. But science fiction is needed for this, because I have to create a world, where the training methods for kuukido are tested and in use for the possible applications. From there on, I can work to retrace the way to it and find that methods.

I decided to try this thing out on the forum for a whole bunch of reasons:

  • I hope to find some advice, help to fix some stupidities or too provocative parts, enrich the thing. I'm not really good without a team, and I managed to develop the pic posting into a quite manageable task with the help of the pic posting team here
  • I need to test this with a smaller audience, of people I'm familiar with - I can't afford to spend the time to find another more suitable forum and get used to it. So far I haven't managed to get anybody in the family or the acquaintances to succeed with my techniques. And I keep promising them some material to work with, so I have to get this going in the ongoing basho lull
  • I write it only in English at first - I wanted to do it parallel in German, English and Japanese, but it takes too much time. In English, I'm forced to use simpler language, so that should make the thing easier to understand for a wider audience
  • In this rather enclosed and safe environment, I hope to proceed quickly - comments that could disturb me are unusual here, should I still cause too many flame wars, I'll stop

I have to skip the parts on religion and politics here, but coping with censorship often produces interesting ideas to get around it.

It is a test, so I'll write it first in the test forum, and when I think it's fit for view and discussion, post it in this off topic. Since I can't write here without sumo connection, I'll try to emphasize these parts - kuukido is of course also influenced by sumo. My dream is, to be able to create something that also can help rikishi to go on better in their career with their injuries - or even better, help oyakata to live longer.

For pics I'll use twitter and my own website, that also for complete texts, for instruction videos YouTube - they are the biggest problem right know: difficult to make them as selfie.

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sumoji.jpgAkinomaki's Kuukido 1.0

Shikimori Kinosuke wrote the sumo-ji calligraphy

On 05/05/2018 at 16:39, Akinomaki said:

I went there of course for the extra (and free) event on the 4th: Sadogatake-beya's ms gyoji Shikimori Kinosuke writing your preferred kanji word in sumo-ji for you, as a present o



The kuu in kuukido, accidentally conveniently is the kara in karate. Kido is the same as in aikido, but that is really accidental and misleading - I have no aikido experience. Some principles may be identical, but that is unavoidable, because there are similar roots. Kido are actually the airways of your body, kuuki is the air, AFAIK, kuukido in Chinese are the air-ducts in a ventilation system.

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The 3 language overview so far - should I get this complete, I hope to go for a French version, as my approach to master the language

空気道 くうきどう

















空気道 Kuukido: der Weg der Luft


Auf dem Weg an frischer Luft

Die eigenen Luftwege erspüren

Bewegen wie ein leises Lüftchen


Kuukido hat das Ziel, ohne spürbare körperliche Belastung die Fitness (wieder-)aufzubauen und selbst mit einer Vielzahl von Krankheiten und körperlichen Einschränkungen, von Jahr zu Jahr fitter zu werden.


Wer ihn mag, findet damit eine alternative Art Sport zu betreiben. Wer keinen mag, hat eine Alternative zu Sport. Gleiches gilt für Meditation.


Kuukido ist keine Kampfkunst, verwendet aber u.a. Elemente aus Karate, Chi Gong und innerem Yoga.


Kuukido ist eine Art sich zu bewegen, körperlich und geistig. Es hat kein festes System von Übungen, sondern versucht, gewohnte Bewegungen zu verfeinern und das Beste aus dem zu machen, was da ist.


Kuukido braucht wenig körperliche Anstrengung, aber viel Zeit und Beharrlichkeit.

Jeder Mensch ist anders, hat andere (Gesundheits)Probleme und muss, um damit sinnvolle Resultate zu erzielen, Kuukido für sich neu gestalten.

空気道 Kuukido: the way of the air


Walk your way in fresh air

Get a feeling for your airways

Move like a light breeze


Kuukido aims to (re)build your fitness without strain to your body, help you to get fitter each year, even with multiple maladies.


Who likes sports, may find an alternative way to do it, and who doesn’t, gets an alternative to sports. The same goes for meditation.


Kuukido is no martial art, but uses elements from karate, chi gong and inner yoga.


Kuukido is a way of moving, of both body and mind. It has no fixed set of exercises, but tries to refine the movements you are used to, and to make the best of what is already or still there.


Kuukido won’t need much physical effort, but much time and perseverance.

Everybody is different, has other (health) issues, and to get useful results, you have to redesign Kuukido for your own needs.



ウォーキングではなく、 ウォーク ・ イン ・ザ・パーク





Die 3 Säulen von Kuukido


Nicht walking, walk in the park


Nicht atmen, aber nicht die Luft anhalten


Nicht wegbewegen, aber immer in Bewegung

The 3 pillars of Kuukido


Not walking, walk in the park


Don’t breathe, but don’t hold your breath. Channel your breath and let it breathe.


Don‘t move around, move on the spot





Der Weg an frischer Luft


Gehen ist die natürlichste Art der menschlichen Bewegung. Mit Gehen, geht viel.


Einen Gang im Park mit genug Bäumen nutze ich sowohl um meine Energie aufzufüllen und den Tag durch aktiv sein zu können, als auch als tägliche Medizin, die so gut wie alle Probleme immer wieder ein Stück bessern kann.


Ein Gang auf Verkehrsstraßen ist im Prinzip wirkungslos: er gibt weder viel Energie, noch hat er gute Gesundheitliche Wirkung

Walk in the park


To walk is for humans the most natural way to move. Walk, and anything goes.

The core and a bit unique part of this is my breathing technique - BTW, for many things I write, I leave it to you to decide if you want to perceive it as a joke or as being meant fully serious: both may be right and both may be intended - I have not much humor, I just like to ridicule reality a bit - also at my own expense.

I have not found much about this use of breathing on the net, the breathing technique Wim Hof, the iceman uses, seems to work similar, it has a similar goal as well, strengthen your immune system. His is much more intense - and effective - though, and rather for healthy and fit people - I avoid hyperventilation, after a bad experience with an accidental one in 2000. I guess both his and my version are related to those the Tibetan monks teach, this one freely, but others only to advanced adepts, as potentially dangerous for the unprepared. For a good reason, that I had to experience the hard way: this is a powerful but potentially dangerous tool, if you use it without proper preparation of the mind. I stumbled on it by accident in 2000, fighting never-ending coughing of a severe cold. It was fantastic (also the unintended Kundalini surge it triggered), but in the end led to complete exhaustion of physical and mental resources, from which it took me years to recover - I believe I triggered the body program to use all available energy to either run or fight for your life.

I kept my hands off of it for many more years, but when as the newest in the relay of maladies, I had to add Type 1 diabetes to my 2 handfuls, I decided that I needed it, to have a powerful tool again. But this time I developed a slow and safe way to use it. My ultimate goal is to gain conscious control over the placebo power of the body - I'm still far away from that.

Without the breathing, kuukido loses at least half of its effectiveness, but since this is most of all a framework, each part can be replaced by something with a similar effect: this is simply the most efficient way with the resources available to me - which also is the essence of kuukido philosophy. The other, really ultimate goal of kuukido is, to still have something to move your body, even when you're bedridden. Hopefully, I'll have enough time left to perfect my kuukido till I have to use it that way - and that my mind won't fail me till then, because without full concentration on what you do, the whole thing can't work.

So, the accompanying philosophy is maybe crucial - to control the tool, and possibly also to find access to it in the first place. The story I'm compiling is intended to serve this purpose. As a side effect, it includes the solution I designed for a meta-method of problem solving.


I am no practitioner of yoga, nor of chi gong. I only did a bit of both at home with NHK-E TV courses during my 2nd stay in Japan. For yoga with Bamba sensei senior 番場一雄 and junior, for kikou 功 the basics of hachidankin 八段錦 and 香功 shangong, when back problems had stopped me from going on with karate. With that I only barely have made it to shodan in the 2 years of my first stay, in Shotokan international, at the Ekoda dojo of Ichikawa-sensei.

So much for the roots that influenced kuukido - the way, to make out of that a way like kuukido, is of course copied from the traditional way of Japanese culture, to take the good bits from the achievements of foreign cultures and produce something original with it. That actually is close to the way I used to do things anyway - it helped to feel quite at home in Japan from the start. And the way to learn kuukido is the traditional Japanese way to learn - learning by doing, not by following a curriculum. So what I also have to convey, is how to use that type of learning efficiently.

First you need to envision the goal you want to reach and keep that in mind all the time. You'll refine your vision of the goal while you proceed to reach it. You use all wisdom and knowledge you can get about how to proceed, and all hints from experienced persons you come in contact with. And you keep on going towards the goal, one basic step after the other, getting better all the time, when you concentrate on each step you do.

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Now to the skeleton of the story, at first the presentation of this world.


We humans have the unique ability to create things that never existed before.

We even can create whole words in our mind and play with them.

Worlds of the past, alternative worlds, future worlds – a world as we’d like it to be or as we fear it, one as we believe it should be, or one that simply could be.

We also have a tool, to share with others the worlds we created – language. It is a bit slow, for the transport of a world from one mind to another, but it's the best tool we have.

Have a look at my latest creation – it’s still a prototype, but if I have time, or, even better, help, I might be able to make version 1.1 and even build extensions.

It is just a possible, but unlikely scenario, one where we have made it. Some place to look back on the follies of the past, but more important: as a prototype goal, to look for ways to make it there in a better way.


So, welcome to the world of kuukido. You may need a little time to adjust to the new surroundings, we are in the year 2101. You are guest at a typical family, the Enders. Meet Mike Ender, the elder son – you won’t hear much from him, so let's enter his inner realm and join his AI, in his ear.

‘Mike, 3 new messages in the inbox, 2 in the checkbox and 13 in the spam-box.’ - ‘Spam to trash! Check for later! Show me the 3!’ (MCL - mind command language)


(Nick on the glasses) ‘Hi Mike. Have you heard the news that master sage Itorio has resigned and goes to Antarctica? He’ll be the 3rd from the freethought school who disappears. Should we drop him from our fuller project? They might adjust the parameters and his ideas could slow us down in the exam.’

‘Reply!’ “Hi Nick, I heard it. Let’s check the net for his reasons, we should add some critical comments about his thoughts”


‘Mike, you said you’ll let me use your net filters. Send me a copy, please, big brother.’

‘Reply!’ “Ron, here’s the file, but don’t forget to let your AI simulate the result with your net log for the last month. Something you liked may disappear from view with my filters.”  - ‘Attach net filter general1!’


(Mom on the glasses) ‘Mike, Sara has found a match. She will bring him to meet the family this evening, please be there!’ - ‘Archive!' - 'Schedule!’

‘You have to be in the simulator at 5:30p.m., for this term's speech to the opes’


Mother Oak

Ron: Mom, can you get me the latest episode of Mother Oak. Each time you're a seedling in a different country, and you are with real animals.

- OK, but don't be stupid! You know: else one of them will eat you and you won't get to the end, and can't ask Mother Oak questions - and the points are wasted. And don't forget, you have to use the simulator at 3p.m. for this year's speech to the buds.

I know. I have to know if I am in a country, where real oaks grow, and if the animal that wants to attack me really existed there.

.... in the experience simulator

Wake up seedlings, the sun is shining and some of the rays even reach down to you. I'll tell you a story of very old times. Of the great disaster that nearly wiped out all life as we know it.

In really, really ancient times, our ancestors lived peaceful lives and flourished all over the planet. But our ancestors were very small then, so it didn't look as nice as this wood looks now.

- Small like a seedling?

Much smaller

- Like an acorn?

Much, much smaller - not bigger than a pollen. But the plants then were careless, they kept producing a harmful non-greenhouse gas. It changed the climate and natural disasters without end were the result: fires all over the planet and the plants were nearly suffocating. Do you know the name of that terrible gas?

- (unison) Oxygen! (one voice: Methane) - (Hey, Jim's been eaten by a llama)

Oh, oh, he slept through life. But you are good seedlings. So what could be done to save the planet? Some of the plants had to give up their most precious possession, the chlorophyll. They lost their beautiful green color and they were cast out from their peaceful paradise and had to wander around. The remaining plants had to feed them with their own flesh, so that they could work for the well being of the planet and turn that dangerous gas back into the good carbon dioxide. They also had to take on a new name, do you know that name?

- Animals!

Good Seedlings. All could live together from then on for a long, long time. The animals developed much slower than us and wasted most of their time and energy fighting each other, because they forgot the only efficient way to evolve: to cooperate with other life forms. Eventually, one species among them developed some intelligence and they even started to behave like plants again: they hardly moved anymore and they spent much of their time, just to consume. Do you know their name?

- Humans !

Good Seedlings.

- Question. What do the plants consume?

Intelligent question, Ron. That gets you 1 point. We consume energy, but in the most efficient way. And we produce with it growth, for the benefit of all.

So, but the humans couldn't turn into plants, and with their behavior caused a small, but what they believed to be a very big disaster, by producing more of the good carbon dioxide than they thought would be good for them. Instead of working together with us, who rejoiced that the air was much richer again, they spent most of their time and energy on trying to produce less CO2. But they should rather have concentrated on the more important problems: most of the climate change they wanted to reverse was caused by the many real bad gases they produced, and the environment was filled with substances that caused the birthrate of all animals drop to zero for 15 years. This one species already had superseded most other species in the environment, and with this, all remaining other animals, that were not directly protected by and working with us, the plants, vanished from the surface of the planet. With that they reached their goal to reduce greenhouse gases: all the bad Methane the animals had produced, and also a bit CO2. But now they have to do all the work, that the other animals had done so far. ...  So, what do you think of the story?

(Ron, fighting off a wild beast that came to eat him: "Hey, cows don't live in the wood"): What animals are left?

Bigger animals only survived in the sea, those robust enough to reproduce even in poisoned water, mostly the jellyfish. On the surface, a few insects and worms survived, but mainly some important microorganisms in the soil, that help us thrive, and we help them.

 - Why don't they get the animals back now, from the storage?

Very good question, Tim. You get 2 points for that. Some animals were deep-frozen and preserved, a few have been revived for studies, and their infertility could be cured now. Animal cell culture is still in use to produce meat, they also could produce a separate uterus and grow new animals, clones from the cells of the frozen animals, for some animals there are even enough left to produce many fertilized eggs. But now they have replaced the animals with AInimals, and the real animals don't fit in their new world anymore. They can't be fully controlled, they are the cause for many new diseases, and who would want to have a dog, which can't even speak? The AInimals are much more useful for the humans now.

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The speech for the buds

when you are young, you have to explore your possibilities and learn about your limits

when you are a bit older, you learn to expand and extend your possibilities

when you are even older, you learn to use your possibilities more and more efficient

when you are still older, you learn to use wisely, what remains of your possibilities

What do you do with this? Take it like a weather forecast. You have to expect it to be so, but some details may be different for you. It is experience condensed to wisdom, but in reality, it may turn out another way for you.

You are a world of your own. You live together with other worlds, you are made of smaller worlds of their own. All together are a world you think of as THE world, the outside world. To get along with the other worlds, you have this outside world as a model in your head. You are still buds, and you train to become an ope. You learn to get a better look at that model, refine it and use it to act in the world. When you're an ope, and train to become a full, you will learn how to get a better look at your own world, at you yourself, refine yourself and use your possibilities to act in the world. When you're a full, you can vote, you have full access to everything in society, all of your points, all of the net, and you can travel outside of your area on your own. Then you train to become either a master, a specialist of things, or a sage, a generalist. They get 10 votes and the right to control the net, the AIs and everything that goes on in society. They can vote for the president - and try to become a master sage. Only as a master sage, you can be elected to the senate and to important offices and positions. You have 100 votes, and 10 votes for the president, and only a master sage can become president - the master sage master.

The most important thing you'll learn, is to be able to fight the imbacillus. The imbacillus prevents you to perceive the world the right way. It is a disease, that disturbs the communication between you and your mind. Most problems of human society in the past were caused by the imbacillus. It is contagious, and the thing you have to do, to protect against infection, is to learn to think for yourselves.

Many of you will aim for the title of youngest ope - of the year, in your region, in the world - youngest ope alive, youngest ever. It is a nice thing, to be on top of the scoreboard, even for a few hours, and it gets you some points as well. But I have to remind you: none of the youngest opes ever, also made it to youngest full ever, and none of the youngest fulls to the youngest master or sage, and none of them to youngest master sage, and none of them yet to president. Many of those, who were in a team with them and helped them to win the title, surpassed them later.

One of the first things you have to do as a bud, is to find your netname. With that unique name you appear on the net, and anything you do there, will be connected to that name. It mustn't be in use by anybody, and you can't just put a number behind it to make it different. Only if the previous owner allows it or was a member of your family, you can add a number to it and use it. You have to use that name all the way till you pass the opener exam - only as a new ope you can, but you don't have to pick a new name. - Questions?

- When do we train real kuukido?

As a bud, you only prepare for that. You find and learn the basic tasks that suit you, with which you later can build your kuukido. As an ope, you learn the standard model and techniques of kuukido and prepare to make your own version of it. As a full, you design your own version and you have to present a well made one, to receive the grade of master or of sage. To become a master sage, you will have to present your own version to the world, with a new name as a new way to perceive the world. Then the master sages will decide, if you are worthy to join them - if your way leads to new insights or leads to new solutions for our problems.

- What happens when we don't pass the exam?

You have time to try again till you turn 15. This exam is the first step for you to become a full member of the human society. To pass each of the exams, you have to show that you can use the tools of importance: your body, your mind, your AI, the net - and that you are immune to the imbacillus. If you cant prove, that you can act and think for yourself, you are doomed to become a slave of these tools. And you will be treated like a slave: you will be removed from society, from your family, and assigned to a task, unfit for both humans and AIs - one that will shorten your life dramatically. Also during that time, you will still get the chance to pass the exam. If you don't pass the full exam till you're 23, you will be treated the same way.

- And if our body is damaged and we can't use it?

It doesn't matter what your body is and what it can. It is your body and you have to show, how good you can live and work with it as it is, within the limit your body sets to you. Most damages can be repaired or cyber parts can help you. And kuukido is the way to help you learn, how to use also a damaged body in full.

- And our mind?

If there is no way to communicate with you, no way for you to learn to understand, what you have to learn to become a full, you never will become one.

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The speech for the opes

Kuukido training to prepare the mind, is to view things from different perspectives, to get a broader view of reality. What we can perceive and experience of reality, is like the drawing of a tree by a 3 year old child. The feeling and presence of a real tree, compared to that pic, is like reality really is, compared to what we can perceive of it - even with the help of science and the AIs.

Some sages of the past got to a closer view on reality, with the model of it in THEIR mind. Some of them left us great works of art, of music, or of thought. For the standard model of kuukido, that you learn as an ope, we use the wisdom they left us. You will start to refine your own, present model of reality, with the basics derived from that wisdom. Your model serves, to lead you to a rough understanding of everything in reality you encounter - or hear of. Regardless of how paradox it may be. For every 2 completely opposite views of reality, there is at least one 3rd point, from which they look identical.

You heard of Socrates - the guy who told: I at least KNOW, that I know nothing, you don't even know THAT

That already is an extracted perspective of what he actually said. What YOU aim to tell could be: I can look at things from your point of view, you can only look at things from your point of view

You may think, 'who needs a model, the world is there anyway and I get along with it good enough'. But, your model is your shield against the imbacillus. Your brain has filters. You need them as protection - all information from reality at once, would be an overload for your mind, even in the limited range we can experience. Very few people have a natural filter against the imbacillus though. You have to think of your filters, as a part of your immune system, and you have to train them like the rest. You may encounter situations, where your filters falter. One of them is, when you consume drugs, illegal or too much of legal drugs. Also your AI will warn you, if you do, and you will likely be punished for it, but that won't stop many of you. When your filters are strong enough, you will at least be able to escape addiction.

And for kuukido? Actually, your filters and your shield may be very important, when you practice kuukido breathing. When you succeed to start the body's back-breathe flow engine, you have to be prepared for an encounter with more of reality, than your filters can handle. Similar to what can happen with drugs. Just like the warnings against drug abuse, you will be warned to overuse the flow engine. Do it only in small portions, learn to control it. But just as with drugs, some of you may be too impatient to heed the warnings. You even may be lucky and it speeds up your exam, but most likely, it will throw you back, dangerously close to the time limit.

The basic kuukido principle for the use of your mind, is to move freely in your reality model. When you find something odd in reality, you can take a look at it from several different sides, extracts.

- how do I find the right extract?

You have to look for what's most important for you right now, and look at the thing or the idea before you, with the intention to use it for your goal. Then pick another, less important goal for you, and look again. You look from the 2 angels again, from the view of the situation, where you imagine to have reached the 2 goals. That gives you a hint, what the right extract is for you. You will work to improve this user technique as a full. For now, you mainly train to move in your mind's world, get quicker and more flexible, find your goals, find out, what is important for you, find out what you are good at, and what is really good for you - get to really know yourself.

So, there is no absolute reality, reality is composed from the interaction of different individual worlds on every level. You are a world of your own, and to exist in this reality, you need a body. To perceive and interact with this reality, you need a mind. Here you are, together in a team with them, to form an entity, which exists to live, and meet with other entities, other worlds of their own.

You and your body and your mind - so what is the You there: you are the character, the user, the navigator of your team through space and time. Your body is a team of organs, bones, tissue and so on. Your organs are a team of cells, your cells a team of organelles, they a team of molecules, who are a team of atoms, as a team of elementary particles, who may be one of sub-particles - and in the end? You can't find any difference between something, that only sends out the information that there is something, and something that really IS there. Since it's practically the same, you can safely assume, that there really IS only information which exists, that on the bottom end of reality, the particles are formed out of information entities. They interact and form teams to constitute the parts of an elementary particle: a dance of information. And like with you, and on every level that builds you, one is the navigator. When they meet to interact, a particle can appear out of nowhere in the quantum realm, when they cease to work together, the particle vanishes. In that case, if you find a way to disrupt the interaction between the information entities on the basic level, you can have things disappear without a trace.

- like magic

Like magic - in that direction. To get them all together again, you'd need more than magic. But you can't destroy the information, the entities, only the carrier of information. You can disrupt the transmission of information and have it disappear from our human world. Still, the information that you were born, remains, even if no human is alive anymore. The information "2=2" remains, even is there are no 2 particles anymore.

- are we, the you, an information then, indestructible?

We give you a model, that has room for all views on that - all at the same time, if you want. But to teach you, what parts of your you, the indestructible ones are, is not part of our duty.

Information needs no space, and even between 0 and 1, there is infinite space for it. Information can only INcrease. It does so by communication, by interaction of information entities - information breeds more information that way.

- infinite is no big thing for information

Yes, with a model of reality like this, infinity is no big deal for you. Matter and energy are limited in the way they travel, information alone can move at unlimited speed, though not in the physical world. We still have to find a way to have it materialize.

- telepathy

Yeah, we're working on it.:-) So far, you have the net and your AI symbiont for that.

You can think of the basic reality as some wavering, fluctuating quantum cloud, that comprises most of what is in the multidimensional universe, with matter and energy like a few crystals of ice in a cumulus cloud. We now call it the ether again. That was a nice idea, the old Greeks had there, just like the atom. What we think to be reality, what our scientist use to describe as reality, is a structure built on reality, a mathematical construct. We see the surface of something, that is built with information particles. So it's obvious, that science can describe it with nice mathematical formulas - and that they work. But our scientists still haven't found the mathematics, to have both sides of reality go together smoothly.

- so we are really in a matrix

Yes and no. You can think of it as a matrix, it may be a matrix, but there is no real world needed on the outside, it IS the real world. If there is an outside world, it may be very different, one of pure information, without form - but you can see ours also as that, and form as just an illusion.

Others always have a different view on reality than you, they have THEIR view. Even if you know you're right and they are wrong, for them in their world they are right. Only when they REALize what is wrong, the error IN THEIR model of REALITY is corrected - you can't just persuade them. In simple cases, you just have to tell them their fault and they see it. But it's not always simple. To have them realize their fault, you have to look at things from their point of view. Then you may be able to help them, to find what they saw wrong. But it may turn out, that everything looks fine from their point, and you have to check, if your view is really right. In the end, both of your views may have been right, but incomplete, and you have to find the proper 3rd view.

If you can't undeniably prove to people to be wrong in all aspects, they are partially right, and you are also just partially right. Some schools of science still adhere to the principle of falsification, to throw away an idea, if one fault can be found. For real life, this approach is useless, it leads to one-dimensional thinking. Only very few from those schools make it to master sage.

- Even if they are extremely good at what they do?

They remain 1 dimensional specialists, top masters. To become master sage, you have to be master in 2 completely different fields of experience. Or become a very good sage.

So how does the universe work, how does life work? It moves. The movement of particles creates something we believe to be solid. The closer you look at a stone, the less part of it will be the actual particles. Matter, space is created by movement. And time? You shouldn't think of it as a dimension, you can't move back and forth in it - except within your own world, inside your mind.

Time is movement. The relative movement of different worlds, on opposite scales. If you move with the physically possible top speed in space, your time speed drops to 0. Time speed is infinite, when all movement in the universe has stopped, in the nothing.

You don't have to be afraid of the nothing. The nothing has no time to exist, and it is over in no time. The simple fact that something existed, reduces the nothing to relatively - nothing. And you don't need proof that something existed - you exist, no matter how.

There is no negative movement, movement is either no movement or movement. You cannot travel to the past, the past doesn't physically exist. It is only memory, an information that exists now, produced by the information particles, who are always forming just the present. You only can get faster into the future than other entities, who move at much higher speed through space. They need more time to get into their future. You cannot break the physical speed barrier, because you can't produce negative time speed - there is no physical past.

A past can only exist in a fully recorded, fully determined universe, where also the future already exists. Or in a fully controlled one, like in your mind. But even in a recorded universe, you can't travel back, as long as you are part of it. And within a non-recorded universe, even information alone cannot travel back. The information that you are born, only comes into existence - into the world, when you are born. In a fully recorded universe, it is known that you will be born, and the information already exists in it. To see into the future, is only possible, in a universe without free will, and with fully determined movement also in the quantum realm.

- the weather forecast will never be on time ((Laughing...))

Live is movement - there is not much to add to this. DNA is the programming language of life, mathematics the machine language of our reality. You can learn to use those languages, if you want to produce and influence things with it. Music is a language to get in direct touch with reality, learn it, if you want to communicate in it to the world. Netlish is the standard language you use to communicate on the net and with your AI - your AI translates between it and any natural language.

This basic model is neither complete, nor correct in all aspects, but it is simple and flexible. It may change every year, according to new insights by science and sages. In your lifetime, you will adjust your model, fix flaws, fill in details of parts that are  important to you, extend it.

But all you can hope for, is that your world fits the kuukido version 2.0 of Socrates:

I am an idiot. Not many are such an idiot as me.


many are bigger idiots than me, and only very few less of an idiot than me - most are simply a different kind of idiot

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So much for the parameters of this simulated future world, produced out of thin air. That is enough for me to now have a better idea, how to make basic non-fiction training material.

To move you body is, to stabilize your health. Personal health management means, to bring your health into balance, that of body and of mind. Not to cure your illness and injury - that is the realm of the medics - but to integrate your malady and it's treatment, into your life balance. Balance out one new health problem after the other, get back into an equilibrium after each health setback. Not to GET treatment, but to use treatment, not get treated by a doctor, but use the medical service of a doctor - as tools withing you personal health management system. The more tools are available to you, the better. The best use of a doctor is, to have an expert adviser to help YOU solve the health problem at hand. But it is your problem, your body has to heal, and you are the one to use all available means to help your body get better. Nutrition is one tool, everything that helps you reduce stress is a tool, exercise is a tool, your mind is maybe the most important tool. Your goal should be, to feel better, year after year. After a setback, just concentrate on getting better again.

The walk in the park

I use a walk in nature, to refresh, to recharge my energy to get through the day. And as a medicine, that helps a bit against all chronic illnesses, especially those caused by the treatment of previous ones, caused by previous treatments, of injuries at the start.

You walk relaxed, but speedy. At ease, but intense. While you walk, you concentrate on different parts of your body, that are involved in your movements. Let your focus jump from one part to the other, and let it stay there for a while. No matter on which part you concentrate, it will speed you up and make the walk more intense. Focus on the feet, on the toes, on the heels, just on the big toes, the sole of you feet, the little toes, the shin, the knees, the lower legs, the upper legs, the thighs, the hips, the shoulders, the arms, the elbows, the upper arms, the wrist, the hands, the fingers, the lower arms, your upper body, your lower body. In any order, any subset of it. When you start to feel strain in some part of your body, concentrate on relaxing that part, while you walk on. The efficient way to increase your fitness that way is, to move just below the point that strains you: it is only fun then - and you extend your capacity to move at ease.

If you feel increased pain in some part of your body, while you walk, you have to adjust the way you walk. You have to look for a way, that allows you to walk, without more pain, than you have already, when you don't walk.

When you have back pain, you should walk with you hips lowered, to have your upper body firm and straight. Have your shoulders propel your body forward, with your arms relaxed - use them as pendulum weights. Start from a high zenkutsu-dachi stance, slide forward and gradually change closer to a normal walk, with the image, that each step is still like the forward move in this karate way of suri-ashi, hips slightly lower, legs not stretched while you walk, the feet close to the ground. This enables you to walk smoothly with slight knee or back pain, without it getting worse.

Or you concentrate on breathing while you walk - you will now instead slow down, lose intensity, may even come to a standstill. When you walk with kuukido breathing, the speed to slow down is not when you get out of breath, but when you get into breath: in kuukido breathing, you don't feel your breath. You don't feel, if you are breathing in or out at the moment.

So, to the kuukido way to breathe.

You relax your breathing, have your usual breathing motions calm down, and have your body pull your breath up your nose, up the frontal sinus, have it run down along the back of your head, down the back of your throat, behind your usual way of breath, down your spine to your hips. You have your whole body pull your breath in, not just the usual muscles. You stretch and open up you airways, expand your conscious breathing spaces. You don't feel your breath, but these spaces. You guide your breath up to the top of your head, down into your chest and into your belly. You stretch from the inside with this, not just your airways, your whole body core - and when you can get this type of breathing into a flow, all muscles of the body can relax.

The problem is: I don't know the proper exercises to get there, except to just do it. Parts of this are mentioned in the information about Pranayama yoga breathing, but the standard yoga breathing exercises won't lead you there. I did them occasionally before I stumbled onto my type of breathing, but I don't do them anymore, because except for a slow breath of fire, they are not compatible with kuukido breathing. The breath of fire helps to start the kuukido breathing, and is also useful to keep the usual breathing muscles in form: if you get used to kuukido breathing, but are not good enough at it yet, your normal breath becomes shallow, during the time you don't concentrate on kuukido breathing.

An intense breath of fire is a kind of hyperventilation: and the mechanism of hyperventilation and then stopping to breathe, is what the Wim Hof method does. He does several things different and uses the whole thing a bit different, but the similarities are obvious. But in kuukido you don't actually stop to breathe: you use the bodies background breathing. That breath is usually not enough for the body - the body with all muscles tries to grasp for more air - and tries to make that shallow backdoor path wider. If you do this for a minute or so, you feel your airways slowly open up, you feel new breathing space. But usually, after a while you have to take a really deep breath, just like when you really hold your breath. Unfortunately, also the widened airways tend to close again, when you stop. Only very slowly, year after year, you can really open up more breathing space. If you get better, you will be able to sustain this breathing for a longer time. And then finally, you might turn on what I call the flow engine. I don't do that at the moment, because I don't know yet how to control it.

So I also don't know  the proper yoga name of the technique I use - there is one for sure, mentioned in these old yoga texts, but I'd need to become an advanced practitioner of yoga, to get to know them.

What you can do to get there, I will describe in more detail and show a bit in a few videos - especially the following parts of 'move like a light breeze' and the application of the kuukido principle to form a subset variation of karate light, you can train in your kitchen.

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Is it OK to answer in this thread?

First of all, total respect for your project and motives. Something like this is in a certain way quite brave. I have read through the initial posts without resting much on detail. Where I immediately checked out is the beginning of the story (?), though. The format used (constrained by the forum) is just too cumbersome to read. I suggest to either spend some quality time doing some formatting work, or to connect this whole thing to some semi-private blog, that could be setup elsewhere. There, the readability should naturally improve.

What's your goal concerning feedback, input etc.?

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22 minutes ago, yorikiried by fate said:

Is it OK to answer in this thread?

Of course, that's why I post it here - I'd like to know, wether I can write something this way, if it is understandable at least a little bit. The format is what I'm used to, just the way I like it - once complete, I'll rearrange it of course - so far the whole project is still a seedling.


First of all, total respect for your project and motives. Something like this is in a certain way quite brave. I have read through the initial posts without resting much on detail. Where I immediately checked out is the beginning of the story (?), though. The format used (constrained by the forum) is just too cumbersome to read. I suggest to either spend some quality time doing some formatting work, or to connect this whole thing to some semi-private blog, that could be setup elsewhere. There, the readability should naturally improve.

What's your goal concerning feedback, input etc.?

I hope to interest people here to try, if they can or at least want to use some of my techniques. I have no idea, if anything would work for anybody else, or if my whole technique is just a placebo.

Then, since I believe there are a few on the forum, I seek advice from people, who have experience in something (martial arts/yoga/chi gong) related to the parts I use, about up to what degree my way of using them, conforms to the proper way to do them.

I have no idea, what parts likely are readable for a younger audience - somebody here might be experienced in this.

And of course, if anybody has an idea, if and how this can be connected to actual sumo - maybe even to a heya (but that's really wishful thinking)

I don't write it on a blog or the like, for the reason I mentioned

On 10/02/2020 at 13:45, Akinomaki said:

I need to test this with a smaller audience, of people I'm familiar with - I can't afford to spend the time to find another more suitable forum and get used to it.

And because I think, that I won't find such a hoard of smart people anyway outside of the forum.

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2 hours ago, Akinomaki said:
On 10/02/2020 at 07:45, Akinomaki said:


And because I think, that I won't find such a hoard of smart people anyway outside of the forum.

Well, that goes without saying.(Crowned...)

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21 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

What's your goal concerning feedback, input etc.?

I thought a bit more about what help I am looking for.

I am trying to reach people, who are connected in some way with the things I am looking for.

Our common 2 "languages" on the forum are: English and interest in sumo.

Information is always exchanged by language. There are

  • natural languages. I am versed in 3: German, English and Japanese
  • mathematical/theoretical languages. Of those I only know programming languages, mainly Visual Basic, HTML, and spreadsheet macro. Instead of Excel, I use Open Office
  • languages of common sense. I mean that as the sense we have in common for something: taste, interest and - I haven't found the 3rd yet. For me that's music (I started to learn the notation language), love for sumo, and I haven't found the 3rd here either

You may have noticed my obsession with the number 3. Well, I was born with that.

I am trying to teach kuukido with the method of a multi-dimensional information network, that connects us with languages from 2 of these 3.

The multidimensional network works with 0, 1 and 2, instead of just binary. 2 means the next dimension. Any information has the state of either 0, 1 or 2. With this you connect information, and when you can make a network like this, you have the basis for a brain with artificial intelligence. An example of connecting information in such a network is the answer to a paradox:

How do I win against an invincible foe?

Logic gets you nowhere here, you need reason. Reason needs a tool, here we use for that (can you say 'a' in this case in English?) wisdom:

The best way to get rid of your enemy is to make him your friend

So you get a simple answer to your question, but get the next question - how do I make him my friend?

And to that you get the next answer the similar way. I don' know the simple wisdom connection for that yet, but ordinary common sense combined with reason tells us: by talking to him in a language we both understand, about something we both like

When you can combine that to a network, you can create intelligence

There is the literature for the professionals - here I'm at a loss - I can't find such a both precise and general term in English, like 'Fachliteratur' is in German.  But since I am of nothing an expert and a pure generalist, who has maybe 3 specialties, I need simple, but concise explanations.

The help I seek is:

  • I want to find simple explanations, for the proper use of the tools I simply use, without being competed in the field, for which they are made. E.g. a tool such as a network like this
  • Google is helping me, but its help is very limited. To understand things, one needs the help of people
  • So, I hope to get here comments from forum members, who are interested in anything that is related to each of the tools I am using and mention in the  explanations here - I will highlight them in bold - or simply about subjects I mention - jokes are welcome, even mean ones
  • Why do I ask YOU? Because we are connected - by the 2 languages I mentioned above and - the net. Connections are everything (I hope that's the same saying in English)
  • I am building the instruction material step by step, the way I am used to, by rapid prototyping.  I'd like you to think of them as: Tips and tools, how to use kuukido, for the sumo interested

And as premium result, I want to get 1 or 2, but preferably 3 of you interested in kuukido - so I'm doing this at first here.

And to add the 3rd connection to my (zu meiner) "Bitte" - here I again can't find a  similar both general and precise word in English, I use the language which is made for politeness:

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

and for those, who

  • by now are bored or angry, that my topic keeps popping up in the recent topic list
  • think "this guy is nuts"
  • want to give an unlike

meiwaku kakete, moushi wake gozaimasen

nth edit: I need about - I forgot how many iterations for a text, Asashosakari could post without edit - and better

Edited by Akinomaki

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