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Superbanzuke News - And Superbanzuke Rankings 2020

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I've got two surprises for you.

Following up on the thread about diminishing numbers of sumo gamers, someone (I forgot who) criticized  the Superbanzuke Web pages for a) not providing any clue indicating whether links were up-to-date, and b) looking decidedly 20th Century-ish (for those born in the 20th Century - that means old and outdated!).

I took both of these observations quite seriously. As to changes to the Page, I ensured that the Superbanzuke main page did no longer have generic links to results and banzuke, but also indicated the corresponding basho that results and banzuke refer to. I also indicated at the top of the main page when I last updated it. This was already done a couple of weeks ago and is not the first surprise I mentioned.

The first surprise is that I tried to learn a little bit about HTML and saw that quite a lot of it is not exactly rocket science. Even a doofus like me was able to change the appearance of the  Web pages relatively easily. And after looking at a handful of similar sites on the Internet, I changed the look of the Superbanzuke Web sites to something that looks more like 21st Century. No excessive coloring, as much white as possible, no strong cell boundaries. To an old fart like me it looks modern, I like it (because I made it myself), and I am sure that many of you will hate it :-)
Too bad - you better get used to the new design.

The second surprise is that I toiled endlessly (well, a lot at least) to make the Superbanzuke pages as fully functional as possible. From now on, you should have access to the entirety of the Superbanzuke history again! All rankings going back to 2002, and all Masters Series going back to 2004! All photos and links should also be working (the only thing that is beyond fixing is the use of the country flags for old pages). I even created some pages that never really existed before (like for the World Championships in 2017 and 2018)! In addition, I did a million smaller things that you wouldn't notice anyway, so I wont't mention them... So rejoice and dig into the historical depth of sumo gaming. There was even a time where not every game was won and every banzuke was led by Pandaazuma. Hard to believe, but true!

So, without further ado:

The new Superbanzuke entry page with links to all you need about the 19 SB games (I decided to kill Fantasy Sumo altogether rather then letting it slowly die over a grace period).

And of course, the new Superbanzuke Ranking for Hatsu 2020

Now if only the games themselves could provide a (working) link to the SB pages... 
But that would be just too perfect! ;-)

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Wow! A trillion thanks for all your hard work, Rando. Amazing stuff. :)

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Intro page still lists Fantasy Sumo.

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9 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:

I hate it. :-)

So do I ;-)  An old-fashioned guy like me misses the colours. Too much white, looks like an aseptic clinic...

Nevertheless thanks a lot for all the hard work, Jürgen. Really nice to have the archives back.


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