Sumo Game Deadlines

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Note: The script calculates times based on your system time. Make sure your local time and time zone are set up properly.

Posted Image Note: Posted Image, Posted Image, Posted Image and Posted Image are links to the game rules, latest banzuke, entry form and standings, respectively. If an icon is missing, the information can be accessed via the game link.
Posted Image Note: For Japanese and "Other" games, (D) and (P) indicate daily and pre-basho games, respectively. SuperBanzuke member games are marked with an asterisk (*).
Posted Image Note: Guess the Kisenosato's Aite has irregular deadlines, which the script fails to represent correctly. Please make sure to read the rules of the game before playing.
Posted Image Note: For reports on various issues in games, see this thread.

Good luck!

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Is the Countdown going to be activated this Basho?

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