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New round of urakata promotions announced

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Along with a lot of other work lately, the Rijikai has determined the latest batch of promotions for a trio of gyoji, a bunch of yobidashi (who missed out completely last time) and a solitary tokoyama. All take effect on December 24th 2019, with the release of the banzuke for the 2020 Hatsu basho.


Kimura Narimasa (Irumagawa-beya) > to Jonidan
Shikimori Tomotaro (Tomozuna) > to Jonidan
Kimura Keitaro (Musashigawa) > to Jonidan


Koji (Asakayama) > to Makuuchi
Rikinojo (Takasago) > to Makuuchi

Keisuke (Shibatayama) > to Juryo
Yohei (Dewanoumi) > to Juryo

Yuto (Tatsunami) > to Makushita
Setsuo (Shikoroyama) > to Makushita
Naoki (Kise) > to Makushita

Shin (Michinoku) > to Sandanme
Shigejiro (Kokonoe) > to Sandanme

Tsurutaro (Nishikido) > to Jonidan
Hiromasa (Yamahibiki) > to Jonidan


Tokohama (Onoe) > to Yonto (4th class)

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