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Superbanzuke Masters Series Aki 2019

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welcome to another edition of the Superbanzuke Masters which saw Pandaazuma doing what he does best - grabbing Green Mawashi as if they were bamboo leaves (are there bamboo leaves? I am botanically challenged...).

Unfortunately, Fantasy Sumo got lost in cyberspace this time and will not be counted (as counting can be difficult if there are no numbers).

In any case, you can see the results of the Masters Series here and the standings in the World Championship here. Enjoy!


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Congrats to @Pandaazuma and all the yusho winners! (Yushowinner...)(Zabutonflying...)(Clappingwildly...)(Clappingwildly...)(Clappingwildly...)

I still can'r believe all my points came from prebasho games after the miserable start but Kakuryu dropping out too saved a lot people's bacon. Too bad about Fantasy but given the wackiness of Aki I expect a lot of the Top 10 in that game would not have been near the top in Master Series anyway. 

Thanks for what you do Rando! (Applauding...)(Cheers...)

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