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New recruits for Hatsu 2020

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Tatsuya Nabatame 生田目竜也 (17, 176cm, 136kg) from the Tochigi pref. Yaita high sumo club will enter Futagoyama-beya in December and aims for a start at the Hatsu basho. He is the 3rd from the school to enter ozumo, the last 12 years ago. Nabatame started sumo when he entered high school and at once became the top of the club - and caught the attention of Futagoyama-oyakata since year 1. In this his first year he was team taisho in the interhigh pref. prelims and helped the team to make it to the national event after 10 years again. Last autumn he was individual runner-up at a Kanto tournament.

the oyakata was at the school on the 24th - on the right the coach


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High school yokozuna Okuwa aims for a start in maezumo at the Hatsu basho. He made it to the first round of the finals at the zennihon championships today and lost there to Igarashi - he would have needed 3 more wins to get the sdTD qualification.


Which heya he'll join will be announced at a press conference later this month, but maybe it's a hint that he was with Naruto's Motobayashi today


On 28/11/2019 at 10:21, Akinomaki said:

High school yokozuna Okuwa (Hiryu high 3rd y., 170cm, 130kg) is preparing for the event, training with older opponents. He'll have a tough start: in the first round of the prelims he's paired against student yokozuna Nakamura (Nittaidai 1st y., 193cm, 165kg), against whom he fought 2 times in high school and was completely overwhelmed (I haven't yet found that list of the pairings on the net). The last from Hiryu to make it to the zennihon was 20 years ago Isobe (Sagatsukasa), who made it there 2 times in a row as high school student - in his 2nd year he was kokutai junior champion. Okuwa aims to join ozumo and wants to become like Takakeisho. 


On 28/07/2019 at 10:55, Akinomaki said:

Okuwa wants to join ozumo next year after high school graduation

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