Corporate yokozuna for a record 4th time is Mitakeumi's former coach:: Toyo University staff member and all-out oshi blaster Kengo Arakizeki, who won in the final over Aisin Seiki's Tatsuya Kamiyama (name translates as Kamiyama but is pronounced differently--like 'Oyama'). Kamiyama/Oyama won a corporate-college tournament the other week in Kariya. Arakizeki had previously shared the record with 2 others who had won the tournament 3 times. His first 3 titles came in a span of 4 tournaments from 2009-2012, and he then finished runner-up to Ichinojo when going for his 4th yusho in 2013. He also has many strong accomplishments in other big amasumo tournaments, including winning and running-up (to Ishikawa teammate Endo) in the Kokutai, as well as making the final and semi-finals of the December All Japan tournament, but he hadn't seen a major result in a few years. The losing semifinalists were Hayato Miwa (far right) of Niigata and Keisuke Yoshida (centre; 2014 winner) of Aisin Seiki. The team winner was Aisin Seiki, beating Nippon Express for the yusho. Aisin Seiki has a strong addition this year in Ryosuke Nakajima (second on left below), who was the west yokozuna on last year's university banzuke, and finished runner-up to Kamiyama in the Kariya tournament I mentioned.