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Aki 2019

Aki 2019  

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  1. 1. The Wall

    • Tomokaze misses career wall - 14th try / makuuchi wall - 4th try
    • Tomokaze hits career wall - 14th try / makuuchi wall - 4th try
    • Shimanoumi misses makuuchi wall - 3rd try
    • Shimanoumi hits makuuchi wall - 3rd try
    • Tsurugisho misses makuuchi wall - 1st try
    • Tsurugisho hits makuuchi wall - 1st try
    • Kiribayama misses juryo wall - 4th try
    • Kiribayama hits juryo wall - 4th try
    • Ichiyamamoto misses juryo wall - 2nd try
    • Ichiyamamoto hits juryo wall - 2nd try
    • Kotonowaka misses juryo wall - 2nd try
    • Kotonowaka hits juryo wall - 2nd try
    • Asagyokusei (ex-Tamaki) misses juryo wall - 1st try
    • Asagyokusei (ex-Tamaki) hits juryo wall - 1st try
  2. 2. Promotion/demotion/kadoban

    • Goeido stays Ozeki
    • Goeido gets demoted to Sekiwake
    • Tochinoshin stays Ozeki
    • Tochinoshin gets demoted to Sekiwake
    • Takayasu KK
    • Takayasu kadoban
    • Takakeisho gets repromoted to Ozeki
    • Takakeisho stays Sekiwake or even gets demoted further
  3. 3. Guess the colour of the giant macaron

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  • Poll closed on 08/09/19 at 12:00

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Disclaimer/introduction for new players

The Wall:

If a sumotori gets a makekoshi (MK = losing record) his first time in that respective division, it's called "hitting the wall" (KK = winning record, means missing the wall, which is a good thing). For makuuchi this basho it's Tomokaze, Shimanoumi and Tsurugisho. Tomokaze never hat a losing record in his whole career (!), so he fights his career- and makuuchi wall. For Tsurugisho it's his first try in makuuchi. In juryo we have 4 guys to fight the wall.



Goeido and Tochinoshin had losing records at Ozeki rank last basho. Instead of getting demoted, they are now kadoban. If they get a losing record again, they will get demoted to Sekiwake.  With a winning record it's back to start.

Takakeisho entered Natsu basho as new Ozeki and had to drop out injured. This means he was kadoban last basho. Because he didn't enter, he was demoted to Sekiwake. With 10 wins he has the chance for a immediate repromotion to Ozeki, just like Tochinoshin in Natsu this year. If he blows it, he'll have to start a whole new Ozeki run (~33 wins from 3 consecutive basho as Komusubi and/or Sekiwake).


Guess the colour of the giant macaron:

One of the prices for the yusho winner is a giant fake macaron (as placeholder for a load of real normal sized macarons from one of the best Pâtisseries in Paris). The colour varies and it has become a popular game to guess it.

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Since i started this poll before having access to the new data at sumodb, i actually forgot to include Kaisho for Juryo wall. I deeply apologize. But he will hit hard anyway, so no drama.

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Not feeling super-confident in the hot streaks continuing. Goeidou will rebound, Tochinoshin probably won’t, Takayasu will be okay, Takakeisho will do it, and it’s Aki so a fall color seems right. Brown.

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This is going to be ugly I think. Lots of MKs to go around. 

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7 hours ago, Kishinoyama said:

LOL.... I am hoping for the return of the Ozeki back scratchers club. (Onthebanzuke...)

Ichinojo disagrees. (Laughing...)

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