Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2019

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Announcing the September 2019 edition of Guess Kisenosato's Aite....

Guess Hokutofuji's Aite

All you have to do is guess M1E Hokutofuji's opponent each day, before the torikumi comes out. If you guess correctly, you get a shiroboshi. This is surprisingly more fun (or frustrating) and challenging than it should be. It also gets you to think a bit more about the 'inner-workings' of sumo.

Here is the current banzuke:-

Banzuke for September 2019

Sakura (Y1E 9-6)                     Y1 Gurowake (Y1W 9-6)
Jakusotsu (YOE 8-7)              Y2
Kuroimori (YOW 8-6-1)
chishafuwaku (S1E 11-4)       O1
Ryoshishokunin (S1W 8-6-1)  S1 shimodahito (M2W 9-6)   
orandashoho (M1W 8-6-1)     K1 Jejima (K1E Kosho) 

Tenshinhan (M2E 8-7)            M1 Andonishiki (M4W 9-6)
Profomisakari (M1E 7-8)        M2 WAKATAKE (M3E 4-11)
Umizoi (K1W 1-0-14)              M3 Jaakunakunshu (M3W Kosho)
The Kyokai (M4E 1-14)           M4 Chickystar (mz 5-10)
Hakuhonofan (mz 2-0-13)     M5

chishafuwaku will be considered for promotion to yokozuna with a yusho.

The rules are as follows:-
1. Guess M1E Hokutofuji's opponents on each day of the basho.
2. Entries need to be in before 11:30 am Japan time on the previous day, except for the days 1 and 2 entries which need to be in before 11:30 am Japan time on the Friday prior to the start of the basho. If it turns out that the daily toriukumi is printed before these times, then any entry proved to have come afterwards is not allowed for that day (so enter early to be safe).
3. Tie-breakers to decide the Yusho.... We look at the result of the day 15 prediction, then day 14, and so on back to day 1. If still a tie, then the highest ranked on the banzuke can claim the Yusho.
4. If M1E Hokutofuji goes kyujo during the basho, we switch to M1W Aoiyama (M2E Ichinojo, then M2W Asanoyama kept further in reserve, if needed due to a mass spate of kyujos) for the days after his fusensho loss (I.e. we can still guess who gets the freebie). For the immediate day afterwards, (unless it is known very soon after the event), everyone will get a 'kyujo'.
5. Players that are leading the Yusho race (especially in the final few days of the basho), are requested / expected to get their picks in very early (before all the other players, if possible) - in order to avoid suspicions of 'tactical picking'.
6. If the kyokai changes the originally posted torikumi for any day (such as for a late kyujo), the first version released will be used for the purpose of this game.

Special prizes (many thanks to Yaochoyama):

1. Outstanding performance (shukun-sho) - the one who correctly picks the aite the most consecutive days. You have to have a minimum of three to win this prize.

2. Fighting spirit (kanto-sho) - the one who limits their incorrect aite picks to the shortest number of consecutive days (literally the one whose longest losing streak is the shortest). Any losing streak of 5 or more days would disqualify you from this prize.

3. Technique (gino-sho) - the one who is best at making correct picks when no one, or hardly anyone else does. A point system is used as follows and you need at least 3 points to claim this prize:

3 points if you're the only win to make the correct pick
2 points if you're one of two to make the correct pick
1 point if you're one of three to make the correct pick

New players ((Order,order!)) are cordially invited to this game - it is an official second league © game!

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I totally forgot that we had settled on one rikishi, and was expecting this to be the "pick who we pick for" phase of the game when it went up so soon.

  • Haha 1

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Talking nonsense before, but subject to change

1 Takayasu
2 Hakuho

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After hours days of study...

1. Takayasu
2. Hakuho

Edited by Jejima

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Given that I missed the entry for Day 1 and the reason for that will continue for some time, I hope to ask for a kosho at this point.

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starting 0-2 is a bummer, hasnt happened for a while... 0-0-2 yes, but 0-2 is clearly Yasu’s injury issue... Bebelita, heal him fast please, 


evrybody singing

“we dont need no kadubanization”

by Pinkfloydohana

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Only three players took Takayasu's withdrawal into account, gaining two ginosho points each.

Sakura (2-0)
kuroimori (2-0)
Jakusotsu (0-2)
chishafuwaku (0-2)
Ryoshishokunin (0-2)
shimodahito (0-0-2)
orandashoho (0-0-2)
Jejima (0-2)
Tenshinhan (0-2)
Andonishiki (0-2)
Profomisakari (0-2)
Umizoi (0-0-2)
Jaakunakunshu (0-0-2)
ChickyStarr (0-0-2)
Hakuhonofan (0-0-2)
The Kyokai (0-2)
Gurowake (kosho)

Hokutofuji's aites: 1. Hakuho, 2. Kakuryu

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