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Gunbai from gift shop at kokugikan

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2 hours ago, luispereira said:

what's the translation of this:

Is it representing a specific thing in history?

The one side shows 天下泰平 tenka-taihei - peace reigns over the land - an eternal motto in Japan

the other side has the motto of the house of Yoshida Tsukasa, the ones who handed out the yokozuna licensee in the past; 一味清風 hitoaji/ichimi-seifu - unique fresh wind

both are standard inscriptions on a gumbai, though this is a mini-version

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thanks! What do you think these "constellations" mean? I think this is around 18th century



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might have to do with this

Significance of the number nine[edit]

Why the number nine is used has also been of concern to some. The number nine is seen in Taoist divination as the perfect number for yang/yo, the “bright side” when determining the individual hexagram lines according to the I-ching (Book of Changes). Some have suggested that the number nine refers to the nine planets, that the Taoist believe directly influence human destiny, or to the seven stars of the Big Dipper (Northern Seven Stars) plus the two attendant/guardian stars which Taoist believe is the gateway to heaven, and which each star is a Taoist deity. The Imperial Palace had nine halls, the celestial sphere has nine divisions, both in Buddhism and Taoism, heaven is 'nine enclosures' (chiu ch'ung). The nine submandalas of the Vajradhãtu-mandala correspond to the imperial city of Ch'ang-an. (Waterhouse, 1996)

maybe it's the Big Dipper and Little Dipper

plus 2 attendants for each one...

ok, more info from:

The Lore of the Japanese Fan



Here's a primitive collage I made of the 2 constellations, in this image the gunbai is upside down and it fits better:




more info about BIg dipper little dipper constellations worship:


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