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Hypothetical Matchups

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I have always been wondering what would be the results of some hypothetical matchups. I’ve made a list bel (note at the time of these hypothetical matchups all rikishi are in their prime), and I want to see your guys take on them:

Tamanoumi vs Kitanoumi

I think Kitanoumi would win. It should have happened, but sadly it never did.

Akebono vs Hakuho

I think Hakuho would have the edge on this one.

Tochinoumi vs Mainoumi

I’m gonna go with Tochinoumi because he managed to go 14-1 and win 3 championships against bigger competition.

Tachiyama vs Akebono

I think Akebono would win and finally teach Tachiyama what losing feels like. Epic thrusting from Tachiyama probably wouldn’t work on someone his size, but it would probably work on Hattorizakura.

Taiho vs Hakuho 

This one has always had me dumbfounded. I think this match would be a long, hard fought one.

Takanohana II vs Hakuho

Also im at a loss for words here. Should also be long and hard fought.

  Wakanohana I vs Tochinoumi

Two very small, techinical rikishi. I would go with Wakanohana because he won 10 championships.

Chiyonofuji vs Futabayama.

Two guys who are not rally that big, but they were legends. I think Chiyonofuji would win this one, though.

Wajima vs Musashimaru

Im sure Wajima would put Musa in a long battle (hence his bouts with Kitanoumi). But I think Musa would use his great center for gravity to win.

Futahaguro vs Kotooshu


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Please feel free to tell me your take on these matches and who you think would win. I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

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