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A question about a sumo comic

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I found a comic with Tamawashi and Tamanoumi online but I have no idea what the rikishi are saying. Can anyone help translate this comic?


Edit: I seem to also notice the tsuna Tamanoumi is wearing seems to be incorrect. I am 95% sure Tamanoumi did the dohyo-iri in the Shiranui Style?

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Tamanoumi: Yon-ju-hachi nen buri ni shihai o motteru so!

Tamawashi: Hai! Washi no tsume de tsukamitorimasu!

Tamanoumi is saying something along the lines of “Finally got the Emperor’s Cup for the first time in 48 years!”. Tamawashi replies “Yes! It’s grasped in the eagle’s claws!”

The ‘washi’ in Tamawashi means ‘eagle’, so it’s a play on words. 

My Japanese is still pretty elementary to be honest, but I noticed your post had gone unanswered for a while so thought I’d take a first shot at the basic meaning. I think it’s more or less right, but I’m sure a better speaker than me can provide more nuance.


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