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Featured Club / Dojo - Furuichi Sumo Club

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Many A Sumo Great

Location - 2-chōme-29-3 Kisabe (私部2丁目29-3), Katano, Osaka
Keiko - Unknown

Situated just to the south-east of Katano Station, Furuichi Dojo are famous for their tough and rigorous training regime. Most sumo clubs and dojos hold training sessions twice a week, some would train three times a week. But Furuichi? They train SIX times every week!


Over the years, Furuichi Dojo have produced many successful wrestlers, including former Amateur and High School Yokozuna Asahimaru, who is one of only a handful of wrestlers to have won the Wanpaku Tournament 3 years in a row.

Also hailing from Furuichi Dojo are long time friends and rivals Goeido and Ikioi. In fact, it is because of Goeido's father's suggestion that a young Ikioi first starting learning sumo. Having such a strong training partner has undoubtedly helped both of them greatly over the years, constantly pushing each other to be their best.

During recent years, Furuichi Dojo's ace member has been someone called Tasaki Masami, who became Wanpaku Yokozuna when he was in Grade 6. Since joining middle school, Masami has already won the Osaka middle school tournament (as a first-year), beating everyone in his path, even those who are two years older than him. Masami has also done well in the Kansai tournament, getting all the way to the quarter-finals.

A reporter from Eo Hikari TV had a chance to experience Furuichi Dojo's training regime for himself, the toughest of any sumo club / dojo in Japan, and to see where Tasaki Masami got his incredible strength from. After all, Masami is the strongest wrestler in his year group in the entire country.


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They have made a follow-up program, showing Tasaki Masami's progress through this year's Middle School Championships, where he overcame many opponents who were a year older than him to finish third:


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