Viewing Options in the US for the Natsu Basho

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With the loss of Miselet's videos, is there any realistic option to watch, record, or download the Natsu Basho? I am greatly saddened that Miselet's devotion to Sumo has again been met with rejection.

While I like NHK's Grand Sumo Highlights, US sumo devotees long for fuller coverage. Trying to get coverage here is confounded by the fact that we do not live in Japan, and difficulty in reading kanji, preventing one from finding feeds, whether or not one has a VPN.

This whole thing is disappointing, if not upsetting.

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There are usually several options for viewing live, video and digest coverage for each basho.  Check the Honbasho talk forum in the days before Natsu for the latest details.  The most common ones are Abema,  Mbovo and qq (live), Kinta's digests, NHK World digests and other  NHK sources. In the U.S., you may also have TVJapan available on your TV cable. See you in May.

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At the moment the full videos for all divisions are only available on Abema (with VPN or proper proxy) from day 11 till 15 - day 10 makuuchi is only still free for a few hours. You have to scroll down quite a bit and without being able to read the division names won't find the proper ones in the mass of digests:大相撲

I'll show what to look for and  list the jk-ms and juryo ones

Day 11: 大相撲LIVE 大阪場所(序ノ口~幕下)11日目 

juryo 大相撲LIVE 大阪場所(十両)11日目






For NHK coverage from mid juryo on for those days, check this channel"大相撲春場所"

Edit: my basic free VPN choice

On 11/01/2018 at 19:57, Akinomaki said:

The free VPN client of Tsukuba university works to show


and the free tool MISELET uses

2 hours ago, MISELET said:

are sufficient to record excellent videos

Edited by Akinomaki

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