Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

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On 26/03/2019 at 19:10, Benevolance said:

I've read that oshi-sumo specialists tend to use harite most often, but harite is fairly broadly "a strike with an open hand". So, like, ex-Harumafuji's wicked harite was that knock-out head-tap, while Takakeisho so far mostly is shoving the body. The YDC was pretty consistent whining about Harumafuji and Hakuho's swipes as 'unbecoming' of yokozuna; and in Harumafuji's case, when he acceded to the pressure, I feel they essentially took away one of his best weapons by denying him the slap. 

Is this likely something that Takakeisho has to look forward to IF he reaches yokozuna? Did any of the past oshi-sumo specialist yokozuna have to endure similar?

First of all I am sure Takakeisho will never be yokozuna. His sumo is pretty much one dimensional. He is going to be a kind of "chiyotaikai type of ozeki" I think this is the maximum he could achieve. But let assume he becomes yokozuna I think the YDC will be much more patient, understanding towards him than any Mongolian yokozuna.

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Top 10 updates! 

 - Hakuho wins yusho number 42, extending his lead by 10 now
 - Hakuho's yusho adds number 44 to Miyagino stable, within one of 3rd place Takasago stable
 - Hakuho extends to career wins record to 1120
 - Aminishiki's 8-7 record in Osaka gave him 900 career wins, 14 behind 7th place Wakanosato
 - Career wins watchlist members (+700 wins) are Kotoshogiku at 778, Kakuryu at 743. 10th place is Terao at 860
 - Hakuho extends the makuuchi wins record to 1026
 - Makuuchi wins watchlist members (+600 wins) are Aminishiki at 678, Kotoshogiku at 669, Kakuryu at 603
 - Roga continues his wins from pro debut streak after winning the jonidan yusho, now at 14. He needs to go 5-0 in Natsu to get into the top 10 list
 - Hakuho extends the yokozuna wins record to 832
 - Kakuryu has 224 yokozuna wins, 10th place is Tochinishiki at 292
 - Aminishiki now has competed in 1788 career matches, now 7 behind 3rd place Terao
 - Kotoshogiku now has 1216 makuuchi matches, now 5 behind 9th place Kirinji
 - Makuuchi match watchlist (+ 1100) are Hakuho at 1204 and Yoshikaze at 1143
 - Hakuho extends to yokozuna matches record to 941
 - Kakuryu has 315 yokozuna matches, 10th place Harumafuji has 388
 - Hakuho was ranked in makuuchi for the 89th time in his career, now 1 behind 7th place Kotonowaka
 - Kotoshogiku was ranked in makuuchi for the 84th time in his career, now 2 behind 10th place Takekaze
 - Hakuho extends the yokozuna basho record to 70
 - Kakuryu now has 30 basho as yokozuna, now 2 behind 10th place Chiyonoyama
 - Goeido now has 28 basho as ozeki, now 4 behind 10th place Kotozakura, Musashimaru and Kotoshogiku. If he is ranked ozeki through to Kyushu of this year, he will join this trio
 - Aminishiki now has 115 basho ranked as a sekitori, now tied in 2nd place with Kyokutenho and 2 behind leader Kaio
 - Hakuho now has 91 basho ranked as a sekitori, now 7 behind 10th place Chiyonofuji and Takekaze
 - Hanakaze extends the career basho record to 198, and with no plans to retire will become the only wrestler who's career will have spanned the Showa era, the Heisei era, and the Reiwa era
 - The trio of Isenohana, Tenichi and Terunosato now have 156 career basho, now in a 4 way tie with 8th place Kyokuhikari. They are also 1 behind 7th place Oshio. As of now they are all still active
 - Tomokaze entered the record books with the 4th fastest rise to Makuuchi at 11 basho, tying Kotooshu, Aran and Shodai
 - Mitakeumi now has 13 consecutive basho in the sanyaku, which puts him in 5th place all alone. Though he finished 7-8 as komusubi, he may benefit from some banzuke luck and could be ranked in sanyaku next basho
 - Takakeisho will be entering the record books for ozeki speed run and also for being one of the youngest promotees, which I will update properly next basho

You can see the full lists in the link below:


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When there is an odd number of rikishi available for a torikumi cycle, someone (usually a low ranker) will get an extra match.

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