Kokugikan box seats ticket price question

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Hi guys, I and two of my mates are planning a trip to Japan in September, with attending the last two days of the September basho as the highlight.  


We would buy seats in the Kokugikan, in Box section A.  Are the tickets priced per-box or per person?  I read an article that said prices would be about 11700 yen or about $105 per box, but the sumo.pia.jp website seems to say that prices are per person, and that we would have to buy tickets for four people to fill out the box, since we would be a party of three.  So the price would either be $105 for three people or $420 for three people.


Can someone fill me in on which price is correct?

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11700 yen per person - only if you get a one person masu seat box, that is the price for the box. There are very few 3 person masu boxes, like the 1 and 2 person masu those at the corners - very difficult to get them: in the first minutes the sales start on the net, only on the Japanese pages. You'll likely have to settle for the standard 4 box and pay for 4.

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