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Hello Sumo Fans and Gamers, and Supporters of The Underdog Game (TUG),

It's about the time to start the first basho of 2019 (11 days left)!

I want to invite all supporters of TUG to play again in January 2019. It is important Everybody to submit a filled up Registration Form, so to let me know what would be your status during Hatsu 2019.

If for any reason you won't be able to participate, please, fill the Registration Form, choosing the KOSHO option. In this way your rank from the previous Banzuke will be kept the same.

I want to extend once again the Invitation to all Sumo fans and Gamers who would be curious to try TUG (The Underdog Game) for the FIRST time.

There is a chance TUG to be considered for inclusion in the SB games after the nomination, made by Jejima, The Bench Sumo Rijicho, on December 3, 2018 in the topic "Superbanzuke Masters Kyushu 2018 and 2018 World Championship". As it was pointed out the Criterion #1 is 42+ Gamers should be participating regularly each basho in a game in order to be eventually considered to become an SB game. During the  last 11 Basho we were very close to this number (average of about 35-36). I'd greatly appreciate if we finally reach the 42+ number this coming basho.

This Basho, 2019 Hatsu, I'll be very thankful, if the continuous supporters help me with the recruitment of new Gamers  

How the Game is played:

As soon as the first official daily Torikumi becomes available I'll Post on Sumoforum the daily TUG Torikumi and a Link, where you can make your daily selection of your MAIN pick, as well as your BACK-UP pick. 

Note #1: The back-up pick has to be different from your main pick and it will be used only in case your main pick wins by FUSEN (see the Game Rules below).

Note #2: Those of you who choose the option to receive the daily Entry Form in an e-mail EVERYDAY, you can submit your picks from there. You don't need to have a Computer, you don't need access to Sumoforum. You can submit your picks from your e-mail, using a smart phone or a Tablet.

Here is the link with the TUG Registration Form for 2019 Hatsu Basho:

Best Regards and I hope to see more participants in TUG during 2019 Hatsu Basho,


TUG Rijicho

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You can find the Rules of TUG here:


The Underdog Game (TUG) Rules Deadline The deadline is 15:00 JST every day. The gamers can change their picks as many times as they want before the deadline. Daily Entry This is a simple game to play: Just chose

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Hey, I hope everyone will play.  TUG needs a few more gamers to have enough entrants to qualify for being listed in the sumo games championship. Guaranteed it will take you less than 2 minutes to enter each day!


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The Registration Form is still open. Please, continue submitting it.

The Entry Form for Shonichi (Day 1) is posted in the topic:


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The Registration for TUG will be extended (as usual) till Day 3 to give chance for Sumo Fans and Gamers, if they missed the Deadlines.

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As of January 13, 2019  3:50 PM  PST (as you see in the previous thread Registration for 2019 Hatsu Basho will be opened until the Deadline for Day 3) 38 Gamers have registered for 2019 Hatsu Basho. 

6 hours and 10 minutes till the Deadline for Shonichi.

Will participate (35 Gamers):

  • Achiyama
  • Benihana
  • Fujisan
  • Wakatake
  • ScreechingOwl
  • Furanohana - NEW Gamer - Welcome to TUG community! (Welcome...)
  • Jakusotsu
  • Yoohoo - NEW Gamer - Welcome to TUG community! (Welcome...)
  • Bolo - NEW Gamer - Welcome to TUG community! (Welcome...)
  • Umizoi
  • Sakura
  • RaeucherLax
  • Atenzan
  • Profomisakari
  • Gansekiiwa
  • Flohru
  • Tensinhan
  • Chishafuwaku
  • Shimodahito
  • Joshufuji - NEW Gamer - Welcome to TUG community! (Welcome...)
  • Dae-su, aka Joaoiyama
  • Wamahada
  • Mmikasazuma
  • Andraoyamawaka
  • Suwihuto
  • Gaijingai
  • Holleshoryu
  • Tsubame
  • Haidouzo
  • Gurowake
  • Oshirokita
  • Andonishiki
  • Kishikaisei
  • Katunazuma
  • Reijinguoshan


  • Will be KOSHO (3 Gamer):
  • Jejima (traveling)
  • Pitinosato
  • Wolfgangho


From the Gamers on 2019 Hatsu Banzuke yet to declare their status (submitting filled up Registration Form) are:

  • Senkoho
  • Kuroimori
  • Shokikogi
  • Gala
  • Itchynosejob
  • Pandaazuma (BG)
  • Kumanoyama (BG)
  • Inazuma (BG)

Thanks Everybody, who already registered, for your continuous support and commitment to play TUG (The Underdog Game).

Thanks to Furanohana, Yoohoo, Bolo and Joshufuji for your willingness to try TUG for the first time. Hope you like it. 

Hope a few more Sumo fans will be curious to try TUG - an easy and exciting game. 

Let's achieve the Goal of 42+ registered Gamers this basho! Need 4 (four) more Gamers!

Best Regards,


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I am curious what have happened with continuous supporters of TUG for a long time since the inauguration like Kuroimori, Senkoho and Shokikogi!?

Hope they are doing well.

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Today is the last day with the opportunity to play TUG (the Underdog Game) this Basho!

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