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Sumo and Ssireum compared

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The UNESCO on the 26th has declared the Korean sumo equivalent ssireum to world heritage as intangible cultural asset, after South and North Korea had made a joint application. Articles with comparisons to (professional) sumo have been published in Japanese Korean media.


top rank yearly income from fights: 15-20million vs. 37.23-45.51 million yen

participants: 18 teams, 163 people vs. 44 heya, 664 people

average spectator attendance: 800-1000 vs. 5000-10000

foreigners: none vs. 12 countries, 61 people


Will Japan get the idea and apply for world heritage status for sumo to get rid of the foreigners?

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I believe that a Mongolian has also won a Ssireum pro tournament recently. 

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