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Hi all!

Another long time reader here that finally decided to register and post. I'm interested in sumo from 2002, when I went to Japan to do a PhD at Hiroshima University. The second week there a Mexican student invited me to a see the training of his sumo club and I finally joined :P At that time all club members were foreigners (and all Spanish speakers, including one from Morocco) but the next year some Japanese students also joined (also Spanish speakers :P).

I'm here in the West Japan University Championship (don't remember the year, maybe 2005):



I'm the skinny one :P After starting sumo, I lost a lot of weight, like 30 kg in 3 months or so, and never regained them. Here one of our female members:


That's actually a postcard we made to recruit new members. Here is another one (this guy is steeping on an art work in a museum):


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