who are they?

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Hello, people!

I always liked to watch Sumo, but I do not know much about the rikishis, except for a few more famous ones.
Almost always when I see articles on websites or compiled videos on the internet I see this photo, but whenever I look for information about who they are or the date of the photo I do not think.

Could someone tell me who the two rikishis are and in what year was this photo taken or some video of the fight?

Thanks in advance :)


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Rotated by 180°:


My first thought was Toyonoshima and Tamaasuka, but I couldn't find Toyonoshima ever wearing that reddish mawashi colour. (And my facial recognition skills still suck.) I did stumble upon somebody else in that colour, and so it turns out it's actually Toyohibiki (in red) and Tosayutaka (in blue), from Day 1 of the May 2010 tournament. 

Low-quality video from the non-HD days, the only thing I've been able to find:

Based on the video, the original picture appears to be flipped left-right.

Edit: Here's another one with slightly less middling quality:


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